This is after LTDC announced the appointment of the new CEO last week despite the pending court case in relation to the two parties’ position.

His lawyer says LTDC owes him over a million in salary arrears.

Thoboloko Ntšonyane

MASERU – Embattled ‘former’ Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Retšelisitsoe Nko appears unwavering in his determination to secure reinstatement.

This Informative Newspaper has learnt from his lawyer Advocate Christopher Lephuthing earlier this week.

Dr Nko has been in a protracted legal battle fighting for reinstatement since his suspension in February early this year. He was dismissed from the LTDC employment by the Board of Directors on February 23 this year, following the disciplinary hearing.

Meanwhile, the court had interdicted both the LTDC and its board to take action against Dr Nko pending finalization of the court case he had instituted.

In the disciplinary hearing where he was summoned, he did not attend saying he was ill and was on sick leave, the board nonetheless continued to suspend him and had challenged this suspension on account that he was not present at the hearing.

Even after his suspension, the ‘former’ LTDC CEO petitioned the Labour Court seeking an interim court order to stay his suspension pending the completion of the his case interdicting the suspension, and this interim was duly granted by the court.

The Labour Appeal Court had reversed his suspension from work effectively declaring it null and void but has since remained outside employment.

Last week LTDC announced the appointment of the new CEO replacing Dr Nko who has been outside the job since his suspension.

“Following a successful recruitment process and appointment of Mr. Molupe Pheko as LTDC CEO, by the LTDC Board of Directors, we welcome him, and wish him well in this paramount undertaking,” reads the statement published by the LTDC.

The suspended CEO challenged his suspension in the courts of law, and the courts ruled in his favour, however his employer never reinstated him.

At some point they – both the LTDC and Dr Nko tried to settle out-of-court.

Dr Nko’s relationship with his employer soured following the shooting incidence that happened at Hillsview on December 27 last year. In this incident he allegedly shot a person on the foot and damaged the wall in the process.

Dr Nko’s lawyer said they are due for a court appearance on December 7 at the Labour Court.

Advocate Lephuthing said LTDC owes his client salary just over a million maloti. He said Dr Nko has also not been paid since February on when they suspend him.

On the appointment of the new CEO he said, “the implications have always been foreseeable from when they proposed the recruitment while there is a substantive [CEO] they then proceeded despite the court orders in place, I think they have misdirected themselves”.