By: Kananelo Makoboshane

Farm Girls Lesotho is an organization founded in 2018 by Basotho women in the agricultural sphere with the mandate to exchange skills and opportunities, support and market one another. These women met through marketing their businesses on social media thus they decided to form an intimate group that will enable them to prosper even further. The organization is comprised of sub groups categorized according to the kind of farming practiced: such as piggery, chicken, eggs, potatoes production and hatchery.

One of the sub groups; Farm Girls Parent Stock Lesotho is a group producing broiler chickens with the aim to produce and supply broilers market fully. Their vision is to cover all chicken production process from fertile egg production, incubation and meat process within the country. Their name comes from the already existing nest; the parent stock which will be the one hatching the fertile eggs.

With their fun walk which was hosted this past weekend, Farm Girls Parent Stock Lesotho’s objective was to raise awareness and funds towards the project which is already in succession. For future plans, the group foresees themselves as main suppliers of chicken within the country.