By: Lesira Rampa

Psychologist Ralph Smart said it best; “there is no Wi-Fi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection”. A statement that conveys beautifully, the transformative power of immersing oneself in the embrace of nature.  In a busy technological and fast-paced world where multitudes are heavy-laden with life’s vicissitudes, it is easy to give in to losing touch with the essence of our being. Fortunately, nature has so often proved to be medicinal in its own right in various ways.

Nature possesses an incredible ability to improve mood, promote faster healing, and bring about balance; whether it is through strolling in a quiet environment, the observation of birds tweeting in the yard, gardening, jogging, or eating lunch outside for a change. These have the power to cultivate inner peace and restore a deeper understanding of one’s place in the universe – pulling an individual’s spiritual equilibrium up the notch. Without a flicker of doubt, the mind is the most powerful tool that shapes our thoughts and therefore shapes our reality. A study by Michigan University reinforced this idea demonstrating that spending time in nature does enhance cognitive function, including attention and memory- hence promoting a state of mind that stimulates cognitive thinking that ultimately influences our thought processes and mindset positively.

“I remember a day at Maletsunyane Falls, it felt so surreal –the air was breath-taking and the burden on my shoulders from life’s adversities had melted away, far from the busy and loud streets of Maseru”, one gentleman nostalgically mentioned. Thankfully, Lesotho is a country abundant in natural beauty boasting diverse landscapes, waterfalls, and mountains to once in a while explore and feel invigorated. The tranquil ambiance is bound to leave one with reduced anxiety and stronger self-reflection not leaving out the physical activities like hiking and breathing in the fresh air that enhances respiratory health; detoxifying lungs and improving oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Sleep disorders, mental health disorders, and even skin conditions like eczema (triggered by poor air quality) can be positively impacted by inhaling fresh air.

One often underrated healing aspect of nature lies in its botanic and their medicinal properties. While it is imperative to use plants with great caution, conducting thorough research on their safety for the treatment of certain ailments, plant-based treatment is more accessible and affordable. In essence, Rudolf Steiner’s words serve as a guiding light, emphasizing the incredible healing potential that resides within the natural world, asserting that “for every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure” serving as a reminder that Mother Earth generously provides an array of remedies –natures gift to humanity!

Perhaps it is time to finally ditch those plastic plants and branch out to the real deal. After all, who wants fake friends when you can have real ones? Having potted plants in one’s home not only boosts creativity but serves as air purifiers and one study even points out they sharpen students’ attention assuming they study in a room with plants placed in it. Beautiful plants like orchids not only decorate homes but enhance feelings of peace including improved sleep. Likewise, the snake plant engulfs chemical particles in the air while fascinatingly, other plants are further believed to bring spiritual benefits such as prosperity and positive energy.

And so whether it is through tending to outdoor or potted indoor plants or seeking comfort in outdoor solitude, individuals can tap into curative abilities of the natural world –this way they can find rejuvenation, balance, and a fresh sense of well-being amid the complexities of modern-day life.