Criticism is a Twin of Success

Some Profound Thoughts

Success, they say is a lonely journey. Did you know that out of close to eight billion residents of the universe, only one percent are wealthy? It is not easy to stay at the top. Those who succeed bear the harshest brunt of societal criticism. That is why other people are even afraid to prosper. They cannot take the heat of criticism.

Criticism is not absolutely bad.

The fastest way to lose friends is by criticizing them. Most people bask in the glory of cheerleaders and praise choirs. However, when they are criticized, they come firing with all their cylinders. Does it ever occur to you that criticism is not as bad as you imagine? Most people are afraid of critics and shun their presence. However, the truth is that criticism can propel you to the top. Consider criticism as feedback, if you aspire to be a champion. Remember, iron sharpens iron, and man sharpens men. Criticism can actually bring finesse to your execution abilities.

Criticism is a catalyst for success

Criticism is a catalyst for success. It challenges you to become a better person. Criticism is therefore the magnet of success. Success is thus a sojourner with criticism. Criticism actually carries a practical and definite message concerning your performance. If you have no critics, your performance will stagnate or decline. Therefore criticism is actually a motivational factor that can birth success. When things are measured, they get done. That is why criticism is crucial as a part of performance management.

Deal with the pride trap

We are all pursuing greatness the best way we know how. But the truth is that our times and seasons are in the hands of Jehovah God. He is the divine enabler who gives us the power to succeed and the opportunity to breathe. However, at times we become a bit puffed up and complicated. The thing is that when you succeed in all you do but fail to acknowledge God, you will become a display of pride and arrogance. This really annoys God, He may resort to demote you, but the first thing he does is to raise critics to shoot you down so that you mend your ways. The voice of criticism is not always the voice of jealousy. It may actually be God’s voice of correction, seeking to restore you to success.

Jealous is a part of the recipe

Interestingly the blossoming flowers of your success may be attractive to the bees of jealousy which are now in awe of your newfound glory and pedigree. This is especially true for the bees that watched you grow from the prison of life to the palace of ruler ship. Generally, people find it hard to release you to change. They are more comfortable with your non-progressive version. The new progressive is intimidating their environment. It threatens their boundaries. It challenges their established status quo.

Success invites Criticism

I know you yearn for the next level. It is a good thing to perspire for success. It gives you a sense of purpose and direction. But you do well to remember that success is twinned with criticism. If people cannot criticize you, then you are an insignificant ant. Nobody carries an AK47 to pursue an ant. However, the day you grow to be a jumbo elephant, everyone will see you and the tongues of criticism will go full t[i]throttle against you. All the big guns will be retrieved so that they are aimed at you. People will bring crazy conspiracy theories. They will even claim that you used black magic to get to the top. They will paint you black as they mobilize society to pull you down. People have become so inebriated with vanity to the point that they cannot fathom that God is the lifter of men. They even see every successful person as a ritualist.

You are the topic

Guess what, when you are at the top, you cannot avoid being the topic. Therefore, do not focus on the critics because no one will ever honour them with a statue. Critics are people and don’t allow them to make you sweat over little stuff. There is nothing you can do about people. They will always talk. People are people. It’s good when they talk about you because it means you are mobile and not static. Do not focus on the opposition, because if you mind them, they will dispossess you from your position.

Let it end well

All things said and done, Christ remains the ultimate leader. He is the only leader with the ultimate template which is perfect for all purposes of the human race. He is tried and tested. He is the real deal any leader can focus on and become a true success story by association. This is why the wise men followed him from the East. Wise men still follow Him across the globe today. He truly is truly the wisdom of Jehovah God and the key to greatness.  Wise people will continue to follow him and maximize their potential in life.  Next level is a reality, let us keep on keeping on.