By Mpho Shelile

MASERU – If students did not have desks to use while they were studying, it would be much harder for them to pay attention in class, do their assignments, and do other things that are made practical and simple by having a desk.

Henceforth Motimposo Primary, in a letter sent to the road fund, had outlined the needs of their school and the challenges brought by them. In response, the road fund visited the primary school, mainly to evaluate their situation and make an assessment of their needs. The road fund then decided to donate desks to the school on the 19th of October.

In his opening remarks the principal of Motimposo Primary Mr. Mafanti Mafanti stated that the needs of each school may vary, so it’s essential to communicate closely with the school administration to ensure your donation aligns with their requirements. Your donation can make a significant difference in the lives of young students and contribute to a better educational environment.  “What road fund has done for Motimposo is going to have a significant and positive impact on both the students and the educational institution”

“They have provided us with an improved learning environment by donating desks to ensure that students have a dedicated space to work, write, and store their materials. This is going to create a more organized and focused learning environment, which can enhance our student’s concentration and overall learning experience”

The Chief Executive officer of the Road Fund Mr. Nkekeletse Makara emphasized the importance of physical comfort, having proper desks and chairs can contribute to students’ physical well-being by promoting good posture and reducing the risk of back and neck problems caused by sitting on the floor or using inadequate furniture. “What we were hoping to achieve through this initiative as road fund is enhanced academic performance, just like Mr Mafanti said we are hoping for better results from you learners. We also want to see regular attendance, some of you may have been discouraged from attending school just because you did not have access to basic amenities like desks so by providing you with these desks we wish to help motivate you to attend school regularly”, he said.

He also stated that by donating the desks to school kids they wanted to do a simple, yet impactful gesture to support education and contribute to the well-being and academic success of students. “We wanted a practical and yet sustainable way to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their communities, so we spend about a hundred And twenty-five thousand on the desks”  

In his acceptance speech, the chairperson of the school Mr. Mabathoana Khotle indicated that Road Fund was the first company to respond to their needs and donated desks, stating that this shows community support for the school and its students. “What Road Fund has done is going to foster a sense of togetherness and I am sure that it is going to encourage other forms of community involvement and investment in education.  To the teachers and school management team, I believe that adequate furniture can also make it easier for you to manage your classrooms and interact with students effectively, I also promise that there are going to be better results not only this year but next year too.”  

To give a vote of thanks Fr. Ramotinyane Tampane stated that sustainability is what they wanted as Motimposo and that is exactly what Road Fund provided, “desks are a sustainable form of support. Unlike some other resources that may be depleted, desks can be used for many years, benefiting multiple generations of students, it can make them feel valued and appreciated. It is also a long-term educational investment which can also lead to better educational outcomes, potentially improving their futures”, He said.

“We encourage other stakeholders to follow the lead of Road Fund in reaching out to other schools that are still facing this problem.” His narration in a nutshell describes how desks allow children to comfortably sit while they’re studying and doing homework

A representative from the Ministry of Education and Training Mrs. Seriti Morojele stated that Education is a key driver of social mobility and can help break the cycle of poverty. Here are some ways to give back to schools in your community and contribute to this goal: the government is willing to meet Road Fund halfway with what they have already started. “We appreciate the effort taken by road fund, for there are no difficult children but there are really difficult childhoods. What is difficult is to be a child in a world full of tired, always busy, hurried, and impatient people. This has become almost routine in every Mosotho, we so much fail to see that our students are failing due to lack of school equipment, before we got the desks it was more than about being dirty and facing discomfort. The children often confronted the dangerous realities of the rural world such as abuse, bullying, and many more”, she said.

“Being on the ground, it is very difficult for students to follow the course well and to formulate the letters well in the copying of the course, let alone learn the lessons well”, still, much remains to be done to meet the enormous needs of the school. So far, they have only been able to fully equip the classroom with desks. “So we are going to meet them halfway”, she concluded by adding that it requires a multi-faceted approach, and the involvement of various stakeholders, including schools, parents, community members, and policymakers to make sure that our students are taken care of and given proper education. And it can only be done by giving back to schools in our communities because we will be playing a crucial role in providing opportunities for children to break free from the cycle of poverty and build a better future.