By Mpho Shelile

MASERU – To promote teamwork and collaboration between employees, LDF hosted a corporate challenge at Ha Ratjomose on October, 20th. The event began with companies participating and the LDF staff taking a march from Mejametalana military airport to Ha Ratjomose, where the challenge took place. Moafrika FM (Phutsalatso), seemed to have come prepared since they won most of the challenges and were the leading team.

In an interview with the LDF spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Sakeng Lekola indicated that the main aim of hosting this challenge was to show appreciation to all the companies for their support. “Especially when it comes to the youth, the companies are doing an impeccable job in supporting our youth”, he added that when it comes to hosting corporate challenges, team-building events have a great impact on the army. This goes with LDF’s main objective, which is to promote teamwork and collaboration among all employees.

Some of the challenges advocated for employees to take on leadership roles, helping identify and develop leadership potential within the company.  While others got the opportunity of motivation and morale when they were engaging in fun and challenging activities, which led to increased job satisfaction. The corporate challenge also served as a great platform for resolving conflict, moreover, employees learned how to handle conflicts more effectively, which sure did improve relationships. All of that guaranteed increased productivity, good working space, and an environment where employees work well together and communicate effectively.

Winning the corporate challenge was a step toward achieving professional goals and aspirations. Attaining success in a corporate challenge often involves hard work, dedication, and teamwork. Winning gives people a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their efforts.

Lieutenant Colonel Lekola concluded by advising all to remember that the success of corporate challenges depends on careful planning, clear communication, and a focus on the specific needs and goals of your organization.