By Mpho Shelile

MASERU – In today’s fast paced world, the ability to stay connected and communicate seamlessly is paramount for any organization. For that reason, Vodacom Lesotho launched the newest edition to its product portfolio. The Vodacom One Connect (VOC) was introduced at Lancers Inn hotel on the 11th October. It is a cloud based business communication tool that functions like a business phone and will facilitate work from anywhere in the world. “VOC will empower organizations to communicate more effectively, collaborate impeccably and ultimately drive productivity”.

In his opening remarks the VCL External Affairs Manager, Mr. Katleho Pefole stated that they are able to think and come up with new ideas because of the love they get from their clients, “when we talk about digital freedom, the following is what we mean. The likes of digitalizing the landline, the reason why we call this one connect is because we have connected three items to operate as one, VCL is leading. We are opening new frontiers, and trail blazing to make the lives of our customers easier through accessibility, affordability and availability”, he concluded.

The Manager of Commercial Operations Mrs. Puseletso Putsoane stated that something futuristic is on the horizon, because the product’s key benefits include connection to all PBX lines, scheduling and hosting of virtual meetings, cloud integration with other systems, user portals, excellent voice quality and the best call rates from anywhere in the world, “its scalability is suitable to all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, the product lets you have the traditional office landline on your computer, mobile and desk phone, it is one platform which is downloadable as an app too.  So one does not necessarily need a server, the server will be at Vodacom to serve all our VCL customers”, She said.

 Mrs. Puseletso also indicated that “when one has an app on the phone they do not need the desktop set, the solution in general is not only limited to the landline. It is a collaborating platform which allows you to chat, set meetings and engage with your client., It’s robust security features prioritize data protection aligning with the critical need for secure business communication and the good thing about all of this is that one gets to work from anywhere” She further elaborated that for customers to enjoy the benefits of this state of the art technology all that is required is a laptop, a mobile phone or a desktop computer with internet access while VCL will be taking care of all the other infrastructures.

She concluded by stating that the product comes in two packages; at the entry level is the One Connect Essential, whose features include voice channels, team’s breakout, mobile applications, laptop/ desktop application and VCL one portal at the cost of ninety nine maloti per month. While the top of the line package is the One Connect Premium which integrates all the features of the One Connect Essential and includes Google and Microsoft calendar, screen sharing, and video conferencing – at the cost of one hundred and ninety maloti per month. “This product aligns perfectly with VCL’s commitment to providing state of the art technological solutions as it moves from telco to techno! We do support growth and flexibility”

In her remarks Miss Lisemelo Ramofokeng Head of Business at VCL indicated that what they are aiming for with this product is for small businesses to be able to reach their customers with ease and at affordable prices, “Covid19 introduced a lot of things and opened borders for us to shop even in America while in Lesotho and so one can imagine the detriment of not partaking in the digital movement. When you can get customers to shop online, VCL is here to assist you become the general practitioners when it comes to technology, in this way your business gets to benefit. We also offer cyber security”, She said. Adding on she guaranteed protection on all business gadgets through passwords and other safety measures.

 The Chief Executive Officer of VCL, Mr. Mohale Ralebitso stated that the aim of their organization is to be inclusive, “We aspire to bring services to all Basotho. To provide a service that is both affordable and accessible. Ladies and gentlemen technology has improved our overall quality of life, from transportation, smart homes, entertainment and personal devices, it enhances convenience and comfort”, he said.  

He indicated that, “Having a strong online presence is essential in today’s digital age. A website, social media profiles, and online marketing strategies help small businesses attract and retain customers even if they have a physical location. So what we are introducing as VCL is to add to the equation and have our businesses benefit from technology that is meant to enhance and make their business practices more efficient, which is indispensable for small businesses in today’s fast-paced, interconnected world. We also believe that it will help them operate more efficiently, reach a wider audience, stay competitive, and adapt to changing circumstances then small businesses that embrace technology are better positioned for growth and long-term success”, he concluded.