By T’soloane Mohlomi

MASERU – In the spirit of philanthropy and under the auspices of the Revenue Service Lesotho’s  (RSL)  20th  anniversary celebrations, employees of the tax entity collectively donated essentials to Tholoana ea Lerato Orphanage, in Maseru.

The children’s home was recently identified by the Ministry of Social development as one which was in dire need of assistance with regards to basic necessities for the children, and also to have been facing challenges with day to day running expenses.

Gifts included, among other items, school shoes for the children, food parcels and an electricity token from the RSL.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony held recently at the Tholoana ea Lerato Orphanage premises, RSL Commissioner General, Mrs ‘Mathabo Mokoko said through the tribulations the RSL faced throughout out the many years of its existence in serving the country, every challenge was indeed worth it because all in all “the end justifies the means,” she said she deemed it important as everything they did, was for the betterment of Lesotho and its citizens at large.

Mrs Mokoko reiterated that the RSL aimed to improve the lives of Basotho, and were indeed servants of the orphaned children and had a social responsibility of ensuring that they were looked after as they were the future leaders of this country. Displaying profound emotion while looking at the children she expressed how deeply she cared for them.

“As the RSL we thank God through our trials and tribulations, to be able to assist Basotho and this orphanage in particular. RSL wishes to see the dreams of all these children come true. We view ours to be a God given task as we have a social responsibility to this nation.”

“As this particular gift was not donated directly by the tax entity but directly from its employees, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them dearly for this gesture,” she said.

In the midst of their extensive celebrations the RSL planted over 200,000 forest trees for the villages of Ha Masakale, Ha Masupha and Rankhelepe High School respectively.

In receiving the noble gifts from the revenue body Ms Pelaelo Phafoli , from Tholoana ea Lerato  thanked the RSL saying that they had played a role in ensuring that the children felt loved. Ms Phafoli said with the orphanage being established in 1979 it was through such commendable acts that their operations were sustained.