By Thandiwe Kubere

MASERU – What good does harboring pain and dwelling in our crashing moments do to us?   How then do we let go and free ourselves from the shackles of brokenness, which holds us back and claims our peace?

“With an ounce of faith and resilience, knowing that the Lord is with you, refuse to go down without a fight”- Ms. Kuena Molapo

Life in its wholeness has different seasons, those of happiness and laughter, and those of tearful sorrows. However way, as challenging as it may be, life goes on and the point is not remaining in a place of agony but to find means of getting up and healing from traumatic experiences.

The calmness brought with women coming together to uplift, encourage and pray for one another cannot go underrated. With an intent to find healing together and finding out how those who came before us, went through moments of crashing and desperation, and were able to move towards healing, Serenity Gardens brought women from different walks of life to share on their journey of soul healing.

Through experiences shared, it went without saying how childhood and daunting adulthood experiences caused wounds which lingered, disrupted lives and for a time shaped one’s perception of life. Then again, not leaving out the triumph that comes holding on to Jesus, and finding the greater plan He has for one’s lives.  

Opening the event, Ms. Kuena Molapo declared the occasion served as a platform to show women that if God could do it for other people, he most definitely will do it for them as well. “We MUST HEAL because Jesus came and He died so that we may not live this life dead. So that we may not pass the pain and wounds to the next generation. So that we may hang on to the cross and say, ‘Lord I cannot handle the unforgiveness and pain.” She enlightened.

Women have been discovered to hide really well behind their good looks, beautiful makeup and fancy clothes when they are in a terrible state of brokenness inside. Breathing through their wounds and acting like all is well eventually results in bitterness, which adversely affects their relationships and lowers their self-worth in reaching their true potential.

“The enemy sees your wounds, because he deliberately caused your pain so that your life can be stagnant, but that is not what you were created for. If you are still breathing, you have a chance of a good life.”

Giving words of encouragement, Pastor Chilumba Muleka Njessa read from the book of Luke 23: 37-39 which touched on when Jesus was on the cross and the thief asked him if he can save himself since he had been saving others before. 

“You might be asking yourself, ‘how do I save myself when I am nailed on this cross? The nails are in my hands. So how do I come to the fountain of the living water?’ You cannot save yourself by looking at problems and crying, but rather focus on the Strength the Lord has put in you. The problem with us is that we can read the Bible for the whole year but when the time of saving ourselves comes, we look at the weight of the problem. You need to find that inner strength and resilience which is put in you, save yourself and run with it” declared Pastor Njessa.

This initiative was brought to life last year when God planted a seed in Ms. Mosa’s heart to revive and bring healing to other women’s lives. In a beautifully decorated event with mouthwatering goodies, women sure did not disappoint with their beautiful attire.