Lesira Rampa

In Lesotho’s land, where mountains embrace,

There lies a dam, with a somber grace.

Maqalika rests proud, where waters flow,

But tales of sorrow within its depths grow.

Whispers echo of a haunting plight,

A place where sadness overshadows light.

For in its depths, a tragic history conceals,

Where despair has driven souls to take their appeals.

Oh, Maqalika dam, witness of pain,

Such heartache dwells within your domain.

The weight of despair was too much to bear,

As desperation drove them to depths unfair.

But as we reflect on this sombre tale,

Let’s strive to shed light, and never fail.

To offer compassion, lend a caring hand,

To those who struggle, lost in life’s quicksand.

For Maqalika dam, though marred by despair,

Can also remind us to always be aware,

That healing and hope, together we can provide,

Casting warmth and love to the troubled tide.

Let’s rally together, bring solace and light,

Shatter the darkness, and ensure it’s alright.

For Maqalika dam, let’s change its story’s theme,

With understanding and support, a hopeful gleam.

This poem was inspired by hearing stories of people who couldn’t take it anymore committing suicide at Maqalika, and it has not stopped. It is with these series of incidents the poet was inspired to shed light and help ignite hope by changing this story, not taking away the beauty and good use of the dam.