Thaba-Tseka, 18 September 2023: The Tshiamiso Trust has opened a Lodgement Office at Thaba-Tseka Project Area, opposite DHMT offices, Thaba Tseka Police Street in Thaba-Tseka, to assist former gold mineworkers and their families with their potential TB and silicosis claims.

This development comes at the request of the Government of Lesotho following a successful outreach event held in Thaba-Tseka in May 2023 and is aimed at assisting more potential claimants in the region to access benefits that may be due to them.

The office, operated by one of the Trust’s service providers, TEBA, is expected to be operational for an initial 5-month period, with an extension being dependent on the number of claimants who come forward during that time.

Any mineworkers who meet the criteria below but have not yet lodged a claim with the Trust should make contact as soon as possible to see if they qualify and can be assisted:

  • Did risk work at a gold mine between 12 March 1965 and 10 December 2019 AND
  • Have been diagnosed with silicosis AND/OR
  • Have permanent lung damage from work-related TB that you contracted while working at a qualifying mine or within a year of leaving the mine.

If an ex-mineworker in your family meets the criteria above but has passed away, you may be eligible to lodge a claim on their behalf.

Over 40,000 claims have already been lodged in Lesotho and the Tshiamiso Trust has paid more than R546 million to over 6,000 eligible Basotho beneficiaries.

The Tshiamiso Trust would like to remind claimants of the following:

  • To claim is FREE. You do not need to pay anyone to help you to submit a claim.
  • ONLY the Trust can process claims and will know if a claimant is due compensation.
  • The claims process takes time and you will need to be patient. If anyone says that they can help you speed up the process, it is most likely a scam.
  • There are strict requirements for eligibility and medical certification.

Please contact the Tshiamiso Trust on the Trust’s international call back number – 00 27 10 500 6186.

Please note that when calling this number, it will sound like it is busy. The call will then drop and then someone from the call centre will call you back. Depending on your mobile or landline network service provider, you might need to have some airtime to initiate the call. Please note the call back might not be immediate if the call centre is experiencing high call volumes. Visit for more information