By Leseli Mahloane

MASERU – In Mafeteng Thabana-Morena Metsi-Masooana Ha Thakanyane, A young Mosotho woman named Selloane Thakanyane discovered her love for music in a rather unexpected way. Raised in a Christian family that frowned upon “worldly” music, Selloane’s passion for singing took root in secret moments when her parents were away. It was in these stolen instances she found her voice, singing along to albums of Joyous Celebration, Benjamin Dube, and Donny McClurkin.

Selloane’s determination and love for music knew no bounds. Despite her parents’ disapproval of “worldly” tunes, she couldn’t resist the temptation of artists like Beyoncé. She would wait for her parents to leave for work, and then the house would come alive with the sounds of Queen Bey and other musical legends.

But music was just one facet of Selloane’s multitalented character and personality. She defied societal norms and pursued her passion for makeup artistry, even though her father didn’t approve of the beauty art. He constantly urged her to wash her face, but Selloane’s artistic spirit couldn’t be dampened. Today, she proudly owns and operates “Khanya Beauty Studio,” offering makeup services, eyelash enhancements, and ombré eyebrows.

Selloane’s educational journey was marked by challenges and successes. She attended Kingsgate High School from Form A to Form C but eventually transferred to Mt. Tabor for Form D and Form E due to the strict environment and disciplinary measures at her previous school. Her hard work paid off, and she graduated with impressive grades. Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, she studied TV and Film at Limkokwing University, earning her degree.

Because of the high unemployment rates, Selloane chose the path of entrepreneurship. She founded Khanya Beauty Studio as a testament to her unwavering dedication and creativity.

Yet, Selloane’s story doesn’t end there. She explained music always held a special place in her heart, she and her cousins would play karaoke and sing along in front of the TV, which she still does to this day.

Her love story with Pablo DJ is a testament to having the bravery and drive of pursuing whatever she wants. Together, they created a song titled “KEA U RATA,” inspired by their own love story, which endured despite initial skepticism from both of their mothers.

Their mothers’ doubts were rooted in concern for their children’s well-being, fearing that their relationship might be driven by ulterior motives. However, Selloane and Pablo DJ’s love proved genuine and unbreakable. The song’s lyrics, especially the heartfelt refrain “mama ngiyamthanda,” reflect the depth of their love and their determination to overcome obstacles together.

Their love story caught the attention of Ntate Stunna, a prominent figure in the music industry. He encouraged them to turn their love story into a song. This collaboration gave birth to “KEA U RATA,” a beautiful testament to love’s endurance and resilience.

What sets Selloane apart and makes her an inspiration to many is her unwavering commitment to following her heart and dreams, regardless of societal expectations. She’s faced numerous challenges but continues to show up, radiant and determined, refusing to be defined by her past. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for countless young Basotho girls, inspiring them to chase their dreams and nurture their unique talents.

Selloane’s beauty goes beyond her appearance; she possesses a treasure trove of talents and a vibrant personality that lights up any room. Beyond her looks, she’s a multifaceted individual who brings her unique creativity to the table. Her story resonates deeply with those who aspire to achieve greatness beyond societal norms.

The love story of Selloane and Pablo DJ is an evidence of the power of love and determination. They went from being close friends to lovers, their bond deepening through their shared love for music and their genuine connection. Road trips filled with old R&B classics provided the backdrop for their budding musical collaboration. When Pablo DJ recognized Selloane’s exceptional vocal talent, the idea to create music together began to take shape.

Like any up-and-coming artist, Selloane has dreams and aspirations. She draws inspiration from legendary figures in the entertainment industry who have stood the test of time. However, one name shines the brightest in her dreams: Beyoncé. Since childhood, Selloane has been captivated by Beyoncé’s artistry, drive, and dedication. She aspires to follow in the footsteps of her idol and make a positive impact on the youth of her country through charitable work, just as Beyoncé has done.

Selloane and Pablo are gearing up to release their brand new song, “UTHANDO”! Stay tuned for this sensational track.

In conclusion, Selloane Thakanyane’s journey is a testament to the power of self-belief, determination, and the pursuit of one’s passions. Her love story with Pablo DJ, encapsulated in the enchanting “KEA U RATA,” serves as a reminder that love can conquer all obstacles. As she continues to inspire the youth of Lesotho with her multifaceted talents and unwavering spirit, Selloane is destined for a future that shines just as brightly as her remarkable journey.