By Thandiwe Kubere

MASERU – With the essence of giving back to the community and positively impacting lives of the underprivileged, Lesotho Post Bank and Freedom Knockout Charity held hands to donate food parcels and other basic needs to the community of Khatibe, which is in the far outskirts of Butha Buthe.

The two decided to form a life-impactful alliance after realizing there was a need and the evident poverty which is currently hitting the country. This was also after Freedom Knockout Charity approached Lesotho Post Bank and sought help in getting underprivileged and orphaned children their essential everyday needs.  Lesotho Post Bank gave thumb ups to the idea because it was highlighted by Lesotho Post Bank Sales Chief Officer, Mathabo Tshehlo, that  part of the bank’s ultimate goal is to ensure that Basotho from different demographics are well taken care of and their needs are met regardless of their social standing. She mentioned that the bank has been making efforts in the country to meet the nation half way and bring positive change wherever it can.

Tshehlo further declared the initiative was part of the bank’s Cooperate Social Investment which aims for social responsibility and giving back to vulnerable members of the society. “What we have done today is only the beginning of how we hope to improve the lives of Basotho. We can guarantee that this is not the end of it and we aim to go around the country to see how we can contribute with what we have. What you see here is not just from the bank but our colleagues took out from their pockets and also offered some basics they had; such as clothes, to also help out and we are grateful for that. We also hope our partnership with Freedom Knockout in helping Basotho will grow even better and stronger so that together we fight against hunger which evidently continues to spike, especially amongst children” she said.

The donations summed to M30 000.00 and amongst them were food parcels, bathing and washing essentials, sanitary towels, clothes and more. They were to benefit 33 children in Khatibe village as per the list given by the orphanage and child center caregiver Malehloa Mputi.

Mputi expressed her gratitude to the bank as well as Freedom Knockout Charity for she had previously attempted to seek help elsewhere but was never in luck. However she did not lose hope because the children needed someone to rely on as well as one who could assist them. “I am in total awe because even when I got the message that you were coming, I thought it was just for visiting and playing with the kids because we have never received this kind of help. Adding to the fact that Khatibe is in the remote area, with long terrible gravel road and poor infrastructure, it often feels like we are isolated and abandoned. But seeing this, we feel hopeful that better things will come and we are really grateful. Keeping the children entertained, running around and bursting with laughter was the country’s renowned Singer, Tankiso Moahloli.

Freedom Knockout Charity is an organization which was established by Basotho youth to bring change however way they can. The objective was to mainly donate to orphanages around Lesotho. After gaining this vision, the founder, Tumelo Seliane who is popularly known as T BORN approached other fellow brothers and sisters to bring the organization to light. The organization made its first move in July this year at Morija which was also sponsored by Lesotho PostBank and other companies. “On the 5th of August we managed to donate to 70 orphans in Morija where we gave out food parcels, clothes, shoes, cosmetics and sanitary towels. Even for the event at Butha Buthe, the bank showed its continued support to the goal of changing lives in Lesotho”, he said. 

He further stated it was heart-warming to see the kids cheerful with their faces beaming even though they could only give the little they had. “It was unbelievable and what touched us as an organization was when the caregiver at the orphanage came to us and I told us we are a miracle- an answered prayer. This is because many people had come and made promises only to not fulfil them. We are therefore very grateful to see people so happy, from Morija to Khatibe and many more communities still to come” he smiled.

Seliane explained he was inspired to form the organization because he lost his mother at a young age because she was murdered and did not know his father. Therefore with the challenges and the struggles he met along the way, he could relate to the life of an orphan and was prompted to bring change in ways he could, even if they wouldn’t be so big. “As an orphan, even if someone can take good care of you but I know deep down such a child still longs for the love of biological parents. So I came up with this just to show love where we can.  We do fun activities such as playing ball and planting crops together at orphanages. We feel we are called for a greater purpose and may God bless Lesotho and Basotho”, he stated.