By: T’soloane Mohlomi

Letšeng Diamond mine has recently donated a 4×4 vehicle to the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS).

In the wake of and in addressing the various challenges confronting the police force, which among other things, include shortages in the supply of equipment and suitable vehicles needed to overcome the challenging terrains presented by the Kingdom of Lesotho. Lesotho’s most profitable mine decided to meet the police force half way with the donation of the much needed off road sports Utility vehicle (SUV), much to the delight of Ministry of Police

Speaking at the Handing over ceremony held at the LMPS Headquarters in Maseru, Minister of Police, and Hon. Lebona Lephema said in his recent visit to some of the rural and remote LMPS posts in the country he was sadly met with devastating and appalling conditions in which members of the police were working under.

He said despite the conditions the men and women who had taken an oath of office vowing their dedication in service the people of this country were working under they nonetheless performed their duties diligently and with a lot of dedication, which is something they should be lauded for.

Hon. Lephema, said as the Ministry of Police, they couldn’t ignore the hardships that members of the police force endure on a daily basis under challenging conditions, and said that they would surely address those issues. He said to ensure police retained a dignified image in the eye of the public especially in terms of appearance; plans were already put in place to have an in house factory within the police which would manufacture police uniforms.

“This is a great achievement in the fight against crime and for the nation. This I’m confidently saying with pride because with this vehicle that we are receiving from Letšeng Diamond Mine, LMPS will be able to fight crime and attend to some of the public calls for help on time. As we are all aware one of the principal objectives of the LMPS is to restore law & order and stability within the country.

“Just yesterday I took the initiative of doing the rounds around the police posts within the country in areas such as Berea, Ha Ramabanta and Thabana- Morena. During these visits I interacted with the police officers on duty and saw the conditions under which our officers operate.

“This reaffirmed the Right Honourable Prime Minister’s call to ensure that the police are adequately resourced. You will recall this government has specifically requested the parliament of Lesotho to allocate sufficient funds to the police especially with respect to the procurement of vehicles and resuscitation of the vehicle workshop as well as establishing an in house uniform factory. I am confidently reporting that as of now we are expecting vehicles to be used in support of the LMPS in the fight against crime thereof.

“Letšeng Diamond we really thank you with the vehicle which you have given to our police service which is becoming a compliment to the government’s efforts towards provision of sufficient resources to LMPS. I’m pleased to report that working together with LMPS we have established a unit of highly trained police officers designated to drive the vehicles of the police service, and to subject them to regular defensive driving courses.

“Secondly we hope to implement the proper management of systems to track and monitor the use of the movement of police vehicles, we promise you that after three years when you come back you will find your vehicle in the good condition which it is now.

“I wish to call other corporate entity’s to join hands with us as Letšeng has shown, because unity is power and working together we can indeed do more.

On behalf of the LMPS, Deputy Police Commissioner, Mahlape Morai, said they are thankful to Letšeng Diamonds for choosing them when thinking of where they could make a donation, expressing that the gift would be instrumental in their daily operations, promising that LMPS will be responsible stewards to both their donation and trust.

On his part speaking for Letšeng Diamond Mine, Mr Ts’epo Hlojeng said that Letšeng Mine were prioritising social development and continue in insuring that they give back to the community.