By Senate ‘Mangakane

MASERU – There’s no greater joy than a room full of women who are there to support other women, albeit, it wasn’t only women that showed up to this event. For years, women have always fought for their place on this earth and in every aspect, they have been met with some form of resistance. However, it is important to note that there has been changes, especially when it comes to women and work opportunities and there’s nothing as amazing as being part of the change and being in a position to give women access and a platform to talk about personal and economic growth and that is where Bam Tv comes in. Finite Women Empowerment (Finite WE), is a show that is meant to uplift women and showcase various ways Basotho women have decided to change their lives and the lives of those around them. Through Finite Women Empowerment, we’re not only celebrating the achievements of women, but also supporting them in their journey to being successful entrepreneurs. This year, the women entrepreneurs who were featured on the first season of Finite WE came out in numbers to support the ceremony by sponsoring the Finite Women Appreciation Awards which recognize and honour the achievements of women across a variety of fields. This is a true reflection of empowerment because the gifts that were prepared by the sponsors varied from gift vouchers to various products which were carefully thought out and put together in packages that were presented to the 10 winners and the 20 runner ups.

When asked about why she decided to sponsor this year’s awards, Mrs Mankopane ‘Mangakane of Khesa Girls’ Curtains, Bedding and Blinds said “I was part of the finalists at last year’s awards and I won in the manufacturing category. I instantly decided that I would sponsor this year’s award ceremony because I wanted to empower Basotho”! Khesa Girls sponsored the 10 winners with gift vouchers for curtain accessories worth M2000.00 each. There were lots of other packages from other Finite WE sponsors, amongst those were: 10 menstrual comfort hampers from Dear Bella, 10 wooden trays from Gifted Hands Crafts with engraving done by Hae Designs, 10 vouchers for customized hats by Hatty and a special hat for our guest speaker; Ayanda Ncwane and many other amazing gifts and vouchers. This shows the impact of the show and how it has become the gift that keeps giving!