By T’soloane Mohlomi

MASERU – Controversial Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) Member of Parliament (MP) and Matlakeng legislator Dr Mahali Phamotse, together with one other party MP Jacob Makhalanyane have been suspended for a period of six months from the RFP.

The indefinite suspension of the duo came after an official announcement made by the RFP’s Communications Officer Hon. Mokhethi Shelile, during a media briefing held at the governing party’s headquarters on Monday in Maseru.

The immediate suspension is subject to an ongoing internal hearing of one other member and leaves room for an appeal scheduled to be heard on the 30th of September this year, during the party’s annual general Meeting.

During the suspension, the members are barred from engaging in all party activities, within the length of their suspension, as they would have by default temporarily forfeited their right to the party.

As indicated additionally by the RFP, the other MP in this debacle currently enduring a hearing is none either than  Lithoteng Legislator Hon.  Kobeli Motlailane.

During the briefing Hon. Shelile shied away from delving into the alleged sordid details which led to the duos suspension but simply indicated that the action was a result of behavioural issues, which were foreseen by the party on an ongoing basis, as the RFP is governed under a sincere code of ethics and conduct.

Giving in to pressing questions posed by members of the media, the RFP Communications Officer conceded to the fact that the action of voting against the party in parliament among others issues was the main reason for the member’s lengthy suspension, but however alluded to the fact that they would remain MPs and could diligently exercise their rights in the National Assembly.

“Fellow media practitioners we have convened here today to share with you what the RFP’s National Executive Committee has decided regarding the status of two of its MPs in the party. On the 19th of August last week the National Executive Committee reserved it’s right to afford the party’s Dispute Resolution Committee to assess behavioural issues pertaining to two of its members, namely Hon. Dr Mahali Phamotse, representative of Matlakeng constituency and Hon. Jacob Makhalanyanerepresentative of Ha Abia.

“The Dispute Resolution Committee within the course of its proceedings found the members guilty, then finally resolved to suspend the two members for a period of six years, giving them allowance to return after the said period. I would however like to indicate that these members still have an opportunity to lodge an appeal, and this appeal could be instituted during the party’s Annual General Meeting which is scheduled to take place on the 30th of September this year,” he said.

“During this period spanning six years the mentioned members are not expected to partake in party activities in any action shape or form.

In attempt to contact Hon. Phamotse and Hon. Makhalanyane in order to get their side of the story, our efforts proved futile as they couldn’t be reached for comment, and Dr Phamotse’s phone rang unswered. This paper however  has since  learnt that the duo will be pursuing the matter in the High Court.

Dr Phamotse isn’t one to shy from any controversy, as she last year regained her position as Matlakeng constituency legislator and representative for RFP under a cloud of controversy, this after seeking a court order overturning the decision by the RFP to bar her from her much fought position in her respective constituency.

After her initial deferment by the RFP last year she was seen at a rally in the Thaba-Tseka district and later speaking with local media vowed that she would never challenge the leader Sam Matekane’s decision, but in a sudden turn of events later decided to join others and challenge the decision in court, the challenge ultimately saw her  winning the case and having the party’s decisionoverturned.