It’s not a great event if the artists do not have the crowd going wild.  The stage was opened by Chief Fasa, a Mokherane Chaltin Tsatsanyane (MCT) Entertainment artist who serenaded the crowd with Famo – the stage shook as his dancers did what they do best. MCT Entertainment also gave us incredible dancers and Lesotho Family Classical Trio gave a beautiful performance of a classical number. Manyarela took the stage and performed Basali Ha Se Mohlolo which brought the crowd to their feet, absolutely in awe! Up next, we had the popular Leribe based Famo group Thope Tse Khang which took the stage and had the crowd yelling “we want more!” after their performance. The ceremony meant to empower women, it would be unjust to not have a poet or two and for that; Lemohang Mohlabane and Realeboha Sehloho both Maru a Pula Arts and Modelling Agency took to the stage to perform their beautifully written pieces. We also had Maru Trio who sang a beautiful rendition of gospel.

Mokorotlo Galaxy also graced the crowd with their theme song for this year’s award ceremony, Ho Tla Ea Mang. Lefate wrapped up the ceremony by singing their hit song Life is like a lie.