– by Dr. Ted Msipa

My leadership heart

Allow me to recognize the leader in you and wish you the best week ever starting today right through to Saturday. I am fascinated by the amount of greatness housed in the inside of you. Leaders are rare species that is why l have dedicated my life to studying them. My heartbeat is to evaluate everything with a leadership bias. I desire for history to remember me with a smile because I pursued leaders at a whole new level.  Leaders as a matter-of-fact grow daily. It takes one to know one.

Mentors are our cornerstone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

My life like yours, is a mystery shaped by many people and environments. I am defined by my challenges and experiences but truly shaped by my struggles. I am forever grateful to those who caused me pain and sorrow. My true mentors are those who disciplined me and kept me in line. I could have turned out differently if not for such unyielding handlers. I am forever grateful to their correction and rebuke. Those are my true heroes who moved me from grass to grace. But the foremost proponent is my late great father.  A man who was quiet and unassuming, a fountain of wisdom and an unrelenting martinet. 

Lessons from my father

I remember my late father Papa Chris with humility and honour. I remember him waking up my brother and I so that we could go and cut firewood in the neighboring forest around two in the morning. Around four in the morning we were done and dusted. By the time the chronometer read 0600hours, my great trek would start towards my school which was 15 kilometers away. Growing up l had reservations over my paternity, l thought l was adopted or an illegitimate son. I did not know my father was building a man out of me. Now me understands that, no greatness is built on the foundation of glamour and splendor. Blood, sweat and tears usually define the foundation alongside pain. Nothing is as motivational as the power of pain. It makes you cross boundaries you may never imagine. It gives you the power to manhandle a lion and take him down.

Humility is a Game changer

Consider Jesus Christ, who is God. Remember he is the word that was with God in the beginning. All creation is answerable to him. Yet, He had to be born in a manger and trek on the dusty earth. He became a guest in a planet which he created. How about Obama, born via an immigrant Kenyan father and a controversial American mother. He broke barriers and became the first man of color to run America and by default the World. Few mortals can compare with Obama, yet his story is full of humility, pain and sorrow.

Learn to discern

This is why in life we need to stop underestimating others and ourselves. History May disadvantage us but we should never remain victims forever. We ought to discern our potential and never despise our God given abilities. We are loaded with greatness.  Failure to discern has caused others to miss their mark. Remember Acres of Diamonds that story of a man who sold his house to go and pursue diamonds only to return back home broke and depressed. He found out that his former house was now a diamond mine. Fate cruel fate. If only he had discernment.

Stop lamenting and continue pushing

Life happens my friend. So, stop lamenting about lost time and opportunities. Life despises crybabies. Learn your lessons and move on. You may be down but don’t stay there. Joseph moved from the prison to the palace. Abraham was still living with his father at age 75. He was broke and had a barren wife but he believed God and became the father of Faith and Nations.

No condition is permanent

No matter what you are going through, it is temporary. No condition is permanent take heart. God is the lifter of men. He can change your story. Hold on my friend your day of victory is coming, don’t give in and don’t give up. There is a God in heaven. He watches over you. Jesus Christ is the ultimate leader. May the leader in you rise to conquer. I still believe in you, but allow Christ to be your everything and He will see you through.

Persist Until Something Happens. History is waiting for you to write it. Next Level is a reality.

Ted Msipa (Ph. D.) is a Public Teacher, Pastor and Influencer