The Motivational Story

– By Dr. Ted Msipa


Winners are motivated people.

There is just something about motivation. It has a way of turning losers into winners. It has the ability to turn shepherd boys into Kings. Motivation is simple yet so powerful. It is a tool which many have missed and many have lost out on. It is a tool which has birthed numerous powerful men and opportunities. I know President Obama will certainly agree with me on the power of motivation.

What is Motivation

Motivation comes from an ancient word meaning move. It also is based on the root word enthuse, which is where they derive the English word enthusiasm. It can also be defined as infusing self or others with God’s positive energy. Motivation can also be considered as, the process of motivating individuals to take action to achieve a goal. The psychological elements fueling people’s behavior in the context of job goals might include a desire for money.

Motivation is built on three pillars, these being needs, drivers and incentives. Needs are the product or result of an imbalance be it physical or psychological. A need is meant to meet a specific imbalance. Drivers provide the energizing thrust needed to achieve a goal. Incentives complete the full circle of motivation. Incentives are the factors which affect, drive and alleviate both needs and drivers.

Thabo’s Inspirational Story

Thabo Mokone is a Mosotho man who grew up in a poor family. He was the first born in a family of three. Poverty drove him to South Africa at the age of fifteen where he became a labourer at a leading factory which was renowned for brick making in Limpopo. He paid due diligence to his work and became a trusted member of the factory where they promoted him to the position of foreman. The factory owner took a special interest in the affairs of Thabo and soon invited the whole family. He hired Thabo’s father as a security officer and the mother as a child minder. So, the whole family was now in South Africa. For his part, Thabo continued to attend part time school until he graduated. Since the family attained financial stability, the two young siblings also continued attending school in better school. The family was now enjoying prosperity thanks to Thabo. Thabo went on to become a graduate and a senior Manager of the Company. In due season he also opened his own company and also opened a non-governmental organization to help vulnerable Basotho children.

Lets Bring it all Together

Motivation can be summarized using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It starts with the fulfilling of physiological needs such as food, shelter, water and shelter. That happened to Thabo when he started working in South Africa. He got to the next wrung when the job became permanent making him secure, so the security need was met. As he continued to work, he became comfortable with his workspace and the social environment thereby creating social relationships with others and the owner. That done, the relentless Thabo continued to push boundaries by excelling way above others until the employer promoted him severally till he attained the position of senior Manager. This ensured that his self esteem went high. He started increasing in his personal competence. He finally became better than everyone else and ran out of competition. He bought his own company in a sign of self-actualization, which is the highest level of motivation where you are doing things which fulfil you and you are no longer operating at the mindset of a competitor.

Motivation is Your Responsibility

It must be said to all and sundry that motivation is your personal responsibility. Nobody has the mandate to motivate you, but yourself. In a nutshell motivation is broadly categorized in three key areas, primary, secondary and general. Primary motivation is you focus on survival it deals with inborn human challenges. Secondary motivation is actually learnt behaviour which we adapt from society, such as power and achievement. General motivation looks at curiosity, manipulation and affection. So, in essence primary motivation is natural and central to human survival.

I hope and trust you are inspired to get your motivational journey started. The truth is that you are better than you think. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are meant to inspire a generation. May Christ the Ultimate leader open your eyes to the greatness that is housed in you.