By Mpho Shelile

MASERU – Taking an unscripted detour on the way to Matukeng one of the barely talked about places in Maseru hides the most exquisite café.

 ‘Maletsunyane café was established in September 2022, founded Molemo Taolane.  When asked how he chose its location, Taolane said he saw the demand and as a business man he saw an opportunity. “Everyone seems to love going out on adventures and dates, so when I saw Matukeng I saw a perfect spot because my café is the first of its kind here”, professed Mr Taolane.  

He further elaborated on the interior décor of the café; saying he was opting for a more natural feel and laidback environment where people can unwind, mingle, bond and be one with each other and the environment, not leaving behind the spark of romance.  The café is exactly what an Individual sees at first glance. Taolane who is also known as Mr Alarms and Cameras also the founder of Mr Alarms and Cameras security company said he chose to venture in a business of this kind because he realized that the demand for love is much greater than anything. People are lonely and longing for love. They often finds themselves deliberating, “What is love and what can one do to find it?”, then they may find cosiness at ‘Maletsunyane Café.

 “So I guess my cafe is a labour of love,” Taolane said with a smile. “There’s a saying ‘everyone needs love’, I hope to give that through my café even though I am not going to be specific about which kind of love it will offer. Everyone has their own definition of getting away from it all. Some like to put serious distance between themselves and their daily grind, others like to retire to places that mean something to them. Others are recharged by spending quality time at home with the family, and others simply want to be alone, the café offers all that”, He added.

 “People are now relying on dating apps to find love so why should I not try something like a café where such people can meet for their first dates” he asked rhetorically. The new study by Tinder found that 49 percent of adults used a dating app or site to find an exclusive romantic partner. In other words, next time you’re swiping through apps, you can rest assured that pretty much every other person you swipe on really is looking for an exclusive relationship. Not only that, they are also looking for a safe and secure place to meet and get to know each other, hence ‘Maletsunyane is here to offer you the safest place for dates like those.

When asked about other services the café offers he stated that they offer birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and etc. They also offer counselling for couples who are going through some rough patches and might be considering divorce or separation.  “we are all about love, I mean the first thing that comes to mind when one walks in the café is the love Maletsunyane offers, we believe that our exquisite place with the assistance of a counsellor can intervene when and where necessary, especially those couples who need to ignite their love. I can proudly say that so far the couples we have counselled found their way back to each other while some are working on getting there”, affirmed Taolane.

 Taolane made it very clear that he is not a professional counsellor however they do have a hired counsellor who is a call away which they call in for their clients. “We offer only the best services”, this he said when asked about the number people employed at Maletsunyane.  He continued by saying that they have about five employees thus far, including a professional chef who is to train two cooks from the village of Matukeng who will  to absorbed as soon as they complete their training. “I want to give back to the villagers of Matukeng, so why not give some a job so they can take care of their families. We are also looking to grow the business and open a zoo up the mountain of Matukeng. The mountain is a historical place, evidence has been discovered of the San settlers/tribe also known as the Bushman (Baroa) who resided on the very same mountain.  We already have a tour guide for our business and are looking to hire a photographer as soon as the place opens. My vision is to create employment for more people as the place grows”, He said.

He also stated that they are working on delivering their products, for starters they will start their deliveries around the village of Matukeng and Masowe, as time goes by they will expand their reach throughout the whole of Maseru. They are just awaiting the arrival of their scooter.  To promote his business, Taolane said he intends on expanding the café and making sure that it is exceptional. He also explained that they are yet to expand on the structure and add a few more dishes to their already existing menu.