Breaking Down the Destiny Fulfilment Combo  



The bible is unapologetic about the issue of taking territory. Interestingly God is in the habit of allocating territory to people where others are in occupation. Consider the case of the promised land, it was not virgin territory but it was a land which was well inhabited by the Giants, including the sons of Anak. The good news is that Israel still possessed that territory, inspite of the giants being present.

I suppose life for all purposes and intents will always flash a giant before us before we have victory. So, it is important to look out for the variables which will provide the success combo in life.


Faith is such a spiritual force which is able to pull down things from the spirit realm to this earthly realm of manifestation. Faith is what made Abraham to be called God’s friend. Faith is what made Caleb to pronounce victory over the scary giants of Anak even before the fight. The same can be said of David who defied Philistine by defeating Goliath of Gath.  

Destiny Connectors

A destiny connector is a person who can link you to the person or place where you can be able to receive your breakthrough or your blessing. Destiny Connectors are intermediaries between us and our purpose in life. There is always a man or a woman that God has ordained to connect with you to get you to where God has ordained for you to be! You need a Destiny Connection to get to your destination. A destiny connector is important because they create a forum for your success. Andrew is the one who connected Peter to Jesus and Barnabas is the one who connected Paul to the church hence apostleship. The soldiers are the ones who connected David to King Saul. May God open your eyes to see who is your destiny connector.  

Destiny Helpers

Destiny helpers are men that God brings your way to help you fulfill your destiny or purpose on earth. God provides destiny helpers for us to help us fulfil His purpose for our lives. The irony is that many destiny helpers hardly know that they are helping us fulfil God’s plans for us. Destiny helpers are of various kinds, sent along our paths in times of great need. There are angelic destiny helpers, human destiny helpers and the Holy Spirit of God. Pharaoh’s daughter was a destiny helper, used by God to salvage the baby Moses at birth (Ex.2: 1-10). Naomi was a destiny helper to Ruth. Everyone born into this world has a destiny, strictly speaking Destiny Connectors are a subcomponent of Destiny Helpers. The other three components include:

  • Men of Access: these are men of influence and. gatekeepers of industries.
  • Gifted people: They are assets, they make your progress rapid and quicker.
  • Burden bearers: They love you not for your success. A good example is Simon of Cyrene who carried the cross of Jesus Christ.

What is the Nature of Destiny Helpers

Jonathan, the son of Saul, was a destiny helper to David. At the risk of his life, Jonathan sided with David, so as to ensure that David was not harmed by Saul, his father (1 Sam. 22). Abigail was a destiny helper whom God used to prevent David from shedding blood. The destiny helpers take a risk in order to help you fulfil your destiny.

Destiny helpers are a tricky lot, they can come as your workmates, your superiors, your workers, your neighbors, strangers and people you may be familiar or not familiar with. Sometimes however the destiny helpers will come in the form of angels. At the best of times, the Holy Spirit himself will show up as the Destiny Helper.

What do you need to do?

Your ability to identify, embrace, value, appreciate, locate and celebrate the people that God has assigned to help you is critical to your destiny fulfilment. Some people struggle through life not because they lack skills or talent but because they are far from their destiny helpers.