The owners of the Khora Foods business saw the need and developed strategies to help their customers get less expensive commodities because Lesotho has been experiencing long-term, severe price increases on meal meals and bread flour.

The store sells necessities including maize meals, bread flour, dog and poultry food, as well as any products with the Coca-Cola brand, according to Khora Foods’ interview with Ts’epang Matsepe, the store manager.He revealed that the store was founded on March 17 of this year, is situated at Han’elese (checkpoint), and is owned by two partners. Customers can purchase things from the store for less money, and they can also have them delivered to them anywhere in Lesotho.

“When Khora came about, we did a proper analysis of what was a major need for Basotho and came to the conclusion to meet them halfway with selling what they use daily and need, but we also had to think and come up with strategies to make sure our clients were met halfway, hence the lower prices and delivery services.” He said.

He continued by saying that they also sell their products to small NGOs, individuals, and wholesalers. However, they also suggest that villagers band together and purchase at least 50 of our goods in order to qualify for a wholesaler discount and free delivery because doing so saves them money. “We typically give our products to small NGOs for them to sell, and once they do, they get a certain amount, which we also do, to help our economy.” He declared

The proclaimed business man claimed that they had four employees and plan to add more as the business expands and new branches open, helping to lower unemployment and provide jobs for young Basotho people. “We hired as few as those who completed grade 12, as we were aware of the low jobless rate and the significant drug epidemic affecting our kids. To balance things out, we do make sure to recruit everyone, even those without credentials, for a weekly piece job. We only recruit men because our work demands a lot of muscle, and the majority of women who have been hired in the past have either been unable to complete the job or have quit halfway through, but we still need to build positions on which men may work. However, we do take care to hire everyone on a piece-rate basis, regardless of qualifications, in order to maintain balance. We exclusively hire men because our work takes a lot of muscle, and the majority of women hired in the past were unable to complete their tasks or quite midway through; nonetheless, we still need to establish roles for which both sexes are eligible for employment. We can be reached at 5601 6791”. Businessman Ts’epo emphasized this.

To find a much bigger platform to sell their products, Khora Foods recently partnered up with Finite Lifestyle Club. Members of the Finite Lifestyle Club will receive discounts from Khora on all services they offer; as a result, depending on whether they make a single purchase or a large quantity purchase, their discounts will vary.

As a partner of Finite Lifestyle Club, one receives up to 50% of free advertising space with Bam Group Publications as well as a special interview with Finite or Informative newspaper. They were once more included to the Finite Lifestyle Club partner database, where dates were sent to members every month.

The Finite Lifestyle Club provides its members with a number of benefits, such as a copy of Finite magazine, discounted tickets to Finite magazine events, special invitations to Finite magazine empowerment sessions, discounts at business partner businesses like Khora Foods, free and discounted vouchers and coupons for all kinds of things, birthday gifts, and a free family funeral cover of up to M250 000 in cash underwritten by Liberty Life Lesotho. Funeral coverage varies depending on the monthly membership one selects; it costs between M100 and M220. A funeral notice in the Informative newspaper. Last but not least, members can save and invest through the Savings and Credit Cooperatives Society Ltd. (SACCOS), where members have control over their dividends and savings. The cooperatives have a minimum savings requirement of M50.00 per month. Call or send a WhatsApp message to +266 6892 7866 or +266 5183 2386 if you wish to join this club.