By Thandiwe Kubere

MASERU – LNIG Hollard insurance in collaboration with Tracker Lesotho hosted the official launch of a motor insurance cover- “For Her” which is set to bring women centric solutions and curb violence against women on the road.

“All For Her” is a motor insurance aimed to go the extra-mile- do more than what a regular insurance can by trying to solve and mitigate some of the social and financial challenges Basotho women face, especially those behind the wheel. Similar to other insurances, it covers elements including accidental loss or damage, medical expenses as well as loss resulting from theft. Even more, LNIG Hollard’s Head and Underwriting, Kefuoe Ramokhele declared, “We have packaged the car insurance cover as an emergency toolkit that all women can take with them on the road. It enables you as a lady driver to stay safe and supported regardless of where the road may take you. He added that the partnership with Tracker Lesotho has elevated the benefits and further leading to mitigate violence and crimes committed upon women on the road. This also means that vehicles will be tracked down and located so as to retrieve when stolen and the lady driver will be assisted during her time and place of crisis.  “Not only does it protect you from unforeseen events but it offers the holistic lifestyle solutions”, he said.

Other benefits include roadside and medical assistance. “When you are a lady driver and you meet any problem along the way, we are just a phone call away.” Added to that is the mobile insurance Tracker connect App downloaded on cellphones, the call center which will be accessible 24/7 and WhatsApp, further making it easier for their clients to contact them when stranded and in their time of need.  Another benefit is an impact detection. This means that immediately when an accident occurs, depending on its magnitude, the impact on the covered vehicle will immediately be detected which will further alert the company to send a signal to tracking partners and reach out other relevant authorities to assist where the accident occurred. Here the “purple angel” is assured to arrive shortly at the scene and assist while waiting for the relevant authorities.

Additionally, on the mobile Tracker App, clients are promised to get the following safety features: a key fob, share journey- which allows one to stay connected and remain guarded by an expert that will be monitoring their journey and making sure that they are safe when travelling, as long as they are within the country and in South Africa. This feature is also said to warn and alert clients of risky and dangerous areas for driving. They features also extend to regularly reminding clients about issues affecting their vehicles such as having appropriate licenses and disk renewals. The company in partnership with other service providers assured to offer defensive driving and self-defense lessons to further ensure that women behind the wheel feel safe.

LNIG Hollard General Manager, Tumelo Kepa declared that the cover was tailored specifically for women because they are often a target of hijackers, gender based violence and other forms of crime, therefore the product is a result of a well-thought solution to minimize women vulnerability on the road. He declared the product will be affordable in order to be accessible and inclusive to women regardless of their social standing. “This is our way of giving back to the society and embracing our women. It is a product tailored specifically for them so let us embrace it.”

The Managing Director of LNIG Hollard, Mpho Vumbukani said the company creates better features for their stakeholders to deliver meaningful solutions. “So if women are part of stakeholders in our communities, it is important that we come up with solutions that are relevant. Therefore, if we have long been challenged with gender-based violence, we needed to come up with a suitable solution for that. If we have been complaining about financial exclusion due to gender differences, then our solution, which is All For Her motor insurance, provides an opportunity for financial inclusion, he said. He added that this goes hand in hand with their vision of being the country’s best insurance provider which equally means they have to be at the forefront of frequently bringing solutions to clients’ social problems. 

Mr. Vumbukani said this is a milestone in their company and their collaboration with Tracker Lesotho was to bring a product with holistic and all-rounded problem solving. He explained for a vehicle to be insured, it has to be brought and properly assessed by an expert so that if it has an already existing problem, the owner is made aware for fixing. However the vehicle’s millage is not considered.  What also stands out about this cover is that it does not have age limitation, therefore all Basotho women are called to enjoy its benefits at a friendly price.