On June 6, 2023 Vodacom together with UNICEF donated to the visually impaired. At the commencement of the ceremony the learners gave breathe taking performance with a song dedicated to their givers just to show their appreciation.  The school was established in 1971.  Initially the center intended on taking on only 30 students, however went beyond their initial capacity, currently sitting at 70. The school teaches children to walk and how to take care of themselves and survive in the outside world.  The generous donations the school has received from various stakeholders has enabled the school to take on more capacity and helping more children in need.  Mrs. Tamako the principal of the school expressed their appreciation to SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT for providing toiletries, sanitary products, and providing financing for their projects which will aid in the running of the school. The facility now sells eggs and piglets, henceforth they are able to feed the kids three balanced meals a day and provide a snack in-between meals on a daily.

However she cries out to the nation at large for more assistance on braille as the facility does not have enough for all the learners. Mrs. Tamako pleads with the government, businesses and NGOs to assist in the provision of equipment and the necessary items needed for the kids to learn and aid educators in their teaching. She then boasted about the achievements they have attained through/over the years, stating that they have more than 20 graduates from the center who acquired their higher levels qualifications from the NUL and are now serving the country.  She indicated that she can attest to their success. The second biggest achievement is that some of them are athletes and have represented Lesotho in Olympiad games and have brought home medals to show just how implacable they are, “I hope with this I am able to give you a glimpse of what the center does, and have given you an insight of how talented and courageous my learners are”, indicated Tamako.

A representative from UNICEF Mr. Kimanzi Mthengi made a few remarks, in his speech he indicated that statistics reveal that 8% of children in Lesotho have disabilities and 20% suffer malnutrition. UNICEF and the government through the ministry of education are working tirelessly to mediate in helping this children. He expressed how happy they are to be a part of such an impactful journey, saying kids with disability face so many challenges. They have also collaborated with Vodacom and the government to promote the rights of the adolescent and the disabled in an attempt to make sure that education is inclusive of all. Stating that they have a right to learn just like every child in the country.  They are going to provide learning devices for them to be able to learn and have arithmetic capacity. Adding that UNICEF works in five key point; firstly inclusive education, secondly improving learning equipment thirdly strengthening health and nutrition, social behavioral change for the disabled and lastly child protection, for these reasons they are donating M764 000 to the center. Just to help in making the life of the unsighted better.

In conclusion chairperson of the board ADV. Borenahabokhethe Sekonyela expressed his appreciation towards companies with social responsibility like UNICEF and Vodacom Lesotho Foundation for their generous gesture.  He then advised the learners to never take themselves for granted, for God has given each one of them talent and they are just as blessed as everyone. Even though they may have lost one of the five sensory faculties, they see through their hearts. “No child is a mistake, even the illegitimate ones are no mistakes for they are all equal under the sun. God loves us all”, said ADV. Sekonyela