By: Thandiwe Kubere

Portraying its ongoing support to the Lesotho Cycling federation through financial assistance, Nedbank Lesotho, contributed in making sure deserving sportsmen get well rewarded by funding the upcoming competitions. 

Different sporting activities in Lesotho are apparently faced with the challenge of making it far in the global competitions.  In most common instances, if it is not the lack of funding, then it is the shortage of training equipment or good training spaces. That as a case, brought awareness to Nedbank and a heart to give cyclists funds that will hopefully help give cyclists a chance to meet their financial sporting needs so that they equip and gives them the fitness required for the international championship. The bank has therefore sponsored the federation with M80 000 funding for the upcoming cycling competition activities.

 The 7th of June marked the official announcing of the three sporting activities which will take place this year in the country. The Managing Director of Nedbank Lesotho, Nkau Matete declared that the first one is the Mountain Bike Championship taking place on June 18th at Masianokeng Lifestyle Center which will have 50 kilometer, 25 kilometer and five kilometer laps.

The second competition is the Nedbank Classic Cup which is  of road racing taking place at Makoanyane Square on July 2nd. The race  will have 20minutes to an hour race and three criterium.

While the last one is the Nedbank Lesotho National Mountain Bike Championships at Maseru Mall on 17th July in preparation of the world championship. The competition will have the 30 kilomter, 20 kilometer and an eight-kilometer laps.

Mr. Matete said the three competitions will each get M20, 000. 00 price money for the winners’ categories while the other M20, 000. 00 will be used by the federation in preparations and logistics. “I was just thinking of our involvement in sports as Nedbank. We are not a bank with a big budget but we are a bank with a big heart. We try to reach out on many fronts- it was only last year when we had Nedbank 8 which was very successful.  What I have come to realize is that when you have a relationship you nurture it- if you leave it on its own it dies. He further said that Nedbank will work hand in hand with the federation in preparing for the winter completions and that the locations were selected in a way that they suit all the participants and the general public who have an interest in cycling or sports.

Lesotho Cycling Federation President, Makatile Rammotang expressed their gratitude to Nedbank for its unwavering support in elevating cycling in the country. “We are much honored because we believe working with Nedbank bank has assisted us in being ranked top 3 in Africa. As the federation of cycling Lesotho, we are going through intense preparation to ready ourselves for the upcoming world championships that will take place from the 2nd till the 13th of August.”  

He explained that the federation takes an initiative to see to it that there is enough preparation and cyclists are fit before engaging in any championships. With that in mind the federation approached Nedbank with the idea that major races attract potential investors and sportsmen within the country as well as internally. Rammotang further declared Nedbank heard their plea of driving the cycling sport forward in the country by making sure that more people willing to participate and have love for the sport join in such that there is social inclusion. “We do not work on these competitions alone as the cycling federation, but we work with the Lesotho National Olympic Committee therefore we confidently believe we will be well-represented internationally. 

Nedbank’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Sekonyela Matamane declared the act has further signified the 20 year companionship between Nedbank and the federation.