Insights to Marital Bliss 


This past Friday, my wife and l registered a lifetime milestone as we clocked our 30th Marriage Anniversary. I am grateful and privileged to have such an awesome partner as Rev Patience aka Gaya or baby girl. It is awesome doing life with such a selfless girl. I have grown in marriage to become, a Marriage Counselor, A Relationship Coach and a Marriage Master Mentor. I have also written a marriage book to share some nuggets for longevity in your Marriage.

Some Powerful Nuggets

The Book is titled The Marriage Masterpiece. It is dedicated to my loving wife. Allow me to share some insights from my book which can empower your marriage. My prayer is that these nuggets may bring to life your love life and marriage. Remember those who fail do so because they lack information.

1. In marriage the only place you are smarter than your spouse is in the bathroom. Everywhere else treat them as smarter.

2. Love gets you started in the journey of marriage but knowledge is what will sustain your marriage.

3. Love is truly blind but marriage has eyes.

4. As a man do not allow every erection to pull you in it’s direction. Self-control is better than incessant shame. Master it and you master marriage.

5. Affection is where it starts but money is where it may end. Wisdom is in knowing the difference.

6. All women are not the same, learn to master the syllabus called your wife. The rest of the women are none of your business.

7. The judge has the administrative power to terminate your marriage but not the spiritual power. Marriage is not a contract but a covenant. A covenant has the seal of blood.

8. Marriage is thus a covenant between a man and a woman in Christ. Since it is a covenant, it cannot be terminated Willy-Nilly. Prudence is in safeguarding the covenant, it will protect future generations.

9. Marriage is a God idea and should be run according to his blueprint. Everything else is a dummy.

10. Since marriage is a spiritual entity it can only be terminated by a spiritual God. Sadly, He is not interested in putting asunder what He has put together. Your role is to make it easy for Him.

11. Marriage is a great godly union between a man and a woman in Christ. So, it is improper to call a union between same sex couples a marriage. I hope you know the difference.

12. Children are not sacred cows; a little spanking will not kill them. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

13. Inside every man is a fool and king who manifests is down to how the woman treats the man. So , stop blaming your man and help him to happen.

14. There is no perfect marriage because there are no perfect people. Inspite of this keep open lines of communication and love each with sincerity. The truth is helpful at all times.

15. Marriage is an institution of humility, if you cannot be humble and vulnerable avoid it.

16. A failed marriage does not make you a failure, it simply means you have some behaviors to correct and move on.

17. Learn the personality type of your spouse and their love language. It will help create an amazing bond if well mastered.

18. No matter what you have gone through in Marriage don’t give up on it. Someone special is waiting for you.

19. Every man can change, not for every woman but for that one special woman. Hopefully you are that woman.

20. Marriage is work, work it until it works for you. Sadly, there are no substitutes for a good shift. Uproot any weed which you observe before it chokes you.

I understand that as a nation we have the courts passing divorce decrees every Thursday. God’s idea of marriage is permanency and not separation. I wish you well in your love and married life. Never forget Christ is Lord and the initiator of marriage. May the leader in you rise to conquer.

Dr. Ted Msipa (Ph.D.)is a Pastor, Author, Relationship Coach, Business Strategist and Marriage Master Mentor.