By Mpho Shelile

It is a well-known fact that a strong woman finds the strength to perceive and endure in spite of overwhelming struggles. Nyasha Msipa is one woman who took us through believing that our obstacles may be big but our God is bigger, and we saw all that as she launched her EP  ‘I AM JOYFUL’ which propelled her to stardom.

A Zimbabwean gospel singer and song writer Nyasha Msipa best known as ‘Queen Nyasha’ held an event launching her first ever EP at Victory Hall in Maseru on the 19 May 2023.The show had a cinematic, epic modern gospel theme. Mc’s to the event were Pastor Khabang and Deaconess Ntsoaki. As she graced us with her presence Nyasha sang her first track, which was both in Sotho and Shona, reminding the audience that although she grew up in Lesotho she is a Zimbabwean and she shares her love for both countries equally. Looking at how the audience reacted to her was indeed a beautiful and emotional thing to watch.

 It was in her performing the second song that one could say, it is true that she has catered for the youth like she mentioned earlier. It was phenomenal to watch as she took us all to every place she mentioned. She has taken the gospel music in Lesotho to the next level hence the #AMA LEVELS was the motto for the night.

The event had two guest artists; Mrs Neo Matee who is a gospel singer, she said it was a privilege and honour to be in her presence, and Minister Spokes whom we learned as the night progressed that he is the mentor of Queen Nyasha. She showed her gratitude toward him as she talked about his importance and the role he played in launching her EP.

Moreover Nyasha performed her favorite song ‘Taemane’ which she dedicated to the young girls telling them to keep purity. The song even had a dance choreographed to demonstrate “ho pata taemane”, she had the audience on their feet dancing and singing along. She is not only vocally gifted but is an exceptional dancer too.

Towards the end of her event, she performed ‘Jehovanis’ which she holds near to her heart due to the struggles she encountered in life. She said the Lord lifted her head up high when she couldn’t. One could really see the emotional effect and its ties through her expressions as she sings it and it was humbling.

To conclude she gave a speech thanking all who made her launch possible,  “Firstly I’d like to thank Jehova, the one who bestowed me this gift, the one who has kept me, I am thankful for that. I’d like to thank my parents for staying by my side, for supporting me both spiritually, financially, emotionally and in every way. For raising me and teaching me ways of the Lord hence I am standing here today honoring my mother, my manager for working tirelessly for this event to take place, I love you so mom. I am blessed and privileged to have a mother like you. I want to thank my coach Tad my dad, my brother who has been my marketing team all on his own. He is the one who designed the logo ‘QUEEN NYASHA “, she said. She also thanked her sponsors; Lesotho Post Bank, St Antonio, MP constructions and many more. She lastly thanked Minister Spokes who pushed her to write songs saying she wouldn’t be where she was if it weren’t for him.

Every performance was presented with charm, the flashing the, MC’s were humorous, outfits were on point, it was an amazing event. It I would be safe to say QUEEN NYASHA launched her EP successfully.