By Mpho Shelile

 She feels deeply and loves fiercely. She is spiritual in her essence, amazingly practical and a God fearing woman with a voice full of talent. Talking to Nyasha Msipa a Zimbabwean Gospel singer, she reveals to us about the story of her new EP ‘I AM JOYFUL’.

Mpho Shelile: What was the inspiration behind ‘I AM JOYFUL’?

A. My life story inspired it. I was in a courtship for 3 years and I believed in no sex before marriage. Hence I chose courtship over dating. So it was 2 weeks left towards my wedding, the venue was paid, my wedding gown, honeymoon suite and all. Everything was ready even my relatives from South Africa and Zimbabwe had booked their flight tickets. My fiancé came to my parents’ house place drunk, driving my father’s car. My parents noticed and called him to the lounge. He ended up confessing that he was cheating on me.

He had had drug abuse issues as a result I had to cancel the wedding. I got depressed, felt suicidal and even felt as though the world was mocking me. People began saying things like ‘does it really help being a virgin and keeping yourself? I felt so low.

Then I got into another relationship, I felt so happy I got engaged again. It did not last, we broke up! I had to pray more. It was after my prayer that I realized had been searching for happiness from my failed relationships, until I remembered that the joy of the Lord is my strength. My happiness was based on the happenings of the world, but my happiness is now in Christ whether things are good or bad. That which comes from God and flows within, hence the name ‘I AM JOYFUL’

Mpho Shelile: I am sorry about the hardships and the insurmountable obstacles you had to face. When did you realize your drive for gospel music, looking that you come from a Christian home, are there any other family members who are interested in music like you?

A. Well my parents said my first words were a gospel song, but I have always wanted to become a gospel singer from the age of 7.  I started singing a lot in Sunday schools. My family members are very supportive, all of them. However, my brother loves technical things like sound engineering and producing songs.

Mpho Shelile: What challenges do you face in this country as a young gospel artist, also what is your intake on the gospel field in this country?

A. I actually didn’t have challenges because my family has been my anchor and Minister Spokes has been such a great mentor to me. He has been supportive and guided me every step of the way. I think the gospel field is gradually growing and where there is growth there is pain, other than that all is well.

Mpho Shelile: Tell me about your favorite song on the EP.

A. Well I love them all but I love ‘Taemane’ which talks about young girls living in purity and abstaining from sex because what they carry in between their legs is a diamond, very precious and that their bodies are the temple of the Lord.

Mpho Shelile: Any social media platforms where we can keep up with you and get to know more about Nyasha?  

A. You can follow me on all social media platforms Snapchat, Tiktok, my facebook page called Queen Nyasha. My music is available on Spotify, Amazon music, Shazam, YouTube, Apple music

Mpho Shelile: To sum up, what can we expect from Nyasha in the future?

A. Well except more songs to be released to complete the ‘I AM JOYFUL’ album,alot of tours both in Lesotho and internationally,South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and the UK.I am also shooting my music video very soon,for more details remember to like and subscribe on my facebook page called “Queen Nyasha”