By Liteboho Letlatsa –

In today’s busy world, health concerns can emanate at any hour resulting in people feeling vulnerable and stranded, not knowing where to go for immediate assistance. Health direct Pharmaceutical Solutions and Clinic brings the convenience of a pharmacy and clinic under one roof to meet all your pharmaceutical and medical needs.

This phenomenal company was pioneered by two driven women, Mamonica Mokhesi Makhozonke and Manoka Motloung two years ago. These women said diseases don’t know the time of the day nor holidays thus they tend to become aggressive at night when it’s quite and services limited. This 24-hour pharmacy and clinic make sure that you get access to extensive health products whenever you need them regardless of the time or the day of week.

They offer primary health care services, consultations, medical advice and prescriptions– their team includes a team of experienced specialists; physician, gynaecologist, paediatrician and a dermatologist who are dedicated to providing you with personalized care. They also provide all maternity services, mental health specialists and sonographers. Makhozonke highlighted that they have partnered up with the Ministry of Heath to provide vaccination for children under the age of 5 years for free.

Health direct Pharmaceutical Solutions and Clinic prides itself in providing care beyond medicine, they provide what they call ‘counselling for your medical condition’ – this is where patients are made to understand their illness. This is done to aid patients adapt to their new situation and to fully comprehend the reason behind taking the medication. With their joined clinic you can conveniently pick up medication immediately after your clinic visit.

They allow walk ins and re not so strict on appointments, they also incorporated what they call ‘your way’ services, this means you can visit or call them anytime thus the pharmacy and clinic stuff are always ready to assist where help is needed. Patients are allowed to bring companions during consultations as they believe it makes them feel safe which is what the company aims for.

Makhozonke aforementioned that she knows how overwhelmed the public sector is as she used to work there. The private sector aims to work parallel with the public sector to left off the burden of masses the public sector carries. People from public clinics can come to this pharmacy to seek assistance on medications they have no understanding on.

Healthdirect Pharmaceutical Solution and Clinic  believes that a country with a weak healthcare system does not grow and the implementation model of the healthcare system should always aim to meet the patient’s needs. “Healthcare system is an essential service, it should be running non-stop,” Makhozonke stated. They provide health education on social media platforms to educate Basotho on different illnesses and medication etiquette.  

Healthdirect Pharmaceutical Solutions and Clinic is a partner of Finite Lifestyle Club and provides a 10% discounts to Finite Lifestyle Club members – all they have to do is present their membership card  and they will get discounts on products and services provided by this company.

Visit Healthdirect Pharmaceutical Solutions and Clinic today at Kingsway Mall Room A-3 or contact +266 27002506. You can also find them on Facebook as Healthdirect Pharmaceutical Solutions and Clinic.