By Nteboheleng Leseo                                                  

MASERU – TikTok appears to be a trending social media application utilized by almost everyone and people of all ages. One may ask what TikTok is; it is a popular social media application that permits users to create, watch and share video shots on their mobile devices or computers. It was created with the intention of inspiring creativity, facilitating business and a marketing platform for business accessible to all. The question is does it really deliver? It is not exaggeration to say, lots of people have turned it into the leading destination for pervasive harassment, hate speech, abuse, and cyberbullying platform.

A TikToker, Boity Sefali clarifies that TikTok is an excellent application that offers individuals with a wealth of opportunities to showcase their creativity by producing and sharing unique content that displays their talents. Nevertheless, she points out that the app has recently been tarnished by its misuse to promote negativity, as people now utilize it to instigate fights and create chaotic dramas. She laments that the society has unfortunately taken advantage of the platform for their own personal agendas, thereby misusing TikTok’s original purpose as a platform for exploring artistic expression.

Media personnel, Mpho Mabea explicated that TikTok is a very amusing platform as it has so much variety; from health tips, to cooking recipes, tutorials on fashion, make up as well as dance. For this reason  therefore she really enjoy being on TikTok so much that she even calls it an addiction since she spends almost every minute on it.

“However there are downsides to it, I mean nowadays people use it to trash and confront each other. I honestly thought it had restrictions against offensive, vulgar language but no! Recently there has been a controversial trending video of two girls who bullied and made fun of the other tiktoker who was busy creating content. The two girls were seated behind the camera in the video which one could clearly see them making funny faces at her. It was just disturbing and cruel one wondered why? It was very petty and inhumane of them. Overall, I think tiktok is just like any other social media platform to be honest. But other than that, I personally enjoy it. I love it!” she added.

“Like any other social media platform, it has its pros and cons. I absolutely love how short the videos are because I have an attention span of a gold fish. However, it has since turned into a popularity contest of who has the most likes, following and a blue badge, turning it into a platform where people are very unkind to each other. Almost on a daily, there are people throwing shade and jabs at each other and the platform is not as humorous and harmonious as it used to be.” Videographer, Senate Mangakane illuminated.

“TikTok is important because it helps in enhancing identity for different brands not only that also helps in increasing brand awareness through the usage of hashtags and works as a source of income for some people (influencers for instance) meaning it helps with combating unemployment. It allows businesses and individuals to reach their target audience faster than normal routes or traditional platforms. Conversely, it’s also depraved because it’s time consuming, causes conflicts and some use it as a harassment tool. Sometimes it offers inadequate content and explicit content to underage kids.” Dr Lefu Letata uttered.

Poll, lets engage. Is Tiktok beneficial in society or not?

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