By Seipati Thabo and Nthabiseng Keresemese

Botha Bothe

Soofia international school hosted its fifth national science festival on the 29 April 2023 to give students a platform to work together and showcase their different abilities, ideas and talent.

Since the inception of the science festival, primary school students were included for the very first time this year. Learners participated in different activities such as presentations on plastic packaging versus paper packaging, quizzes and projects of both high and primary schools under the theme; turning waste into wealth and good waste.  For each activity, a three hour interval was allocated be it; projects, quizzes and tests. Those in the top three positions were awarded with medals, certificates, trophies and money.

The principal of Soofia international school Vijayakumar Bhaskaran explained that this festival serves as a platform provided by the science department of Soofia to encourage learners to explore new concepts and make their own discoveries. The goal was to equip participates with science enquiries, critical thinking, and better analysis and draw conclusions upon their findings. Bhaskaran marked this year’s festival successful as all participants were able to demonstrate their science knowledge, creativity and passion through their projects and presentations. Team work and communication skills are other areas of development which were targeted at this festival. He also assured that these skills will not only serve them in science but in every field they choose to pursue in life

Parent, representative and member of the school board of Soofia, Tlalane Sebeko thanked the organizers and indicated that such initiatives promote sustainability, independence, entrepreneurship and job creation. She said although the world is facing crisis in climate change and global disparities recycling initiative provide answers to such challenges the world is faced with.

The senior project winner, Molelengoane Kuneshe from Leribe English medium school expressed her gratitude for having been given an opportunity to participate as well as learn from her peers. She somehow expected the win because of the level of effort she put in her project, at some point she arrived home very late due to being preoccupied with the project.

The Soofia Science Festival 5 (SSF5) was a great success as in a closing session there was also SSF5 talk by the Associate Professor Mekbib Sissay Bekele (PHD) Department of Biology from National University of Lesotho presenting on the use of biogas energy in Lesotho and Africa the worlds garbage bins.

Bhaskaran acknowledged the sponsors for their support and also thanked Soofia science department for making SSF5 a great success. He lastly said he hopes this festival has created and enhances a lifelong love of science in learners to continue exploring and discovering the wonders of life.