By Motlakamang Mohlokoane


If you happen to have a guest room, servant’s quarters or even one of your kid’s rooms who is away at school is vacant, then the air Airbnb business could be a great opportunity for you to earn extra income.

Some people have rooms in their houses that are not always in use, maybe because these rooms are only used by their children when they come to visit for the holidays as some of them might be working far or way at universities

Well, Airbnb is what you can do. Airbnb is a service where property owners rent out vacant spaces to travelers who are vacating either for business or leisure and are temporarily looking for accommodation. It is a short-term home rental and you can rent out the rooms while still living on the property, under one roof with your guests and possibly even sharing a pot with them if they wish. One good thing about this business is that, one does not need to have experience in order to be able to operate, you just need to be a good host. You may offer an extra room in your house or put your entire house up for rental on Airbnb.

Airbnb’s are normally located in residential areas. What is needed from someone who wants to run an Airbnb is an architectural plan of the house which shows how the house is structured and the lease of the site the premises are located. Application fee for Airbnb is M60 pending approval, once approved then a license will be issued at a price of M100.

An Airbnb business may come in handy for those people who do not have a job because they will be able to earn some money making use of the space in their home, for people on retirement and generally those looking to make an extra buck. The platform is open to everyone.

Once you have decided that the Airbnb business is for you and have followed proper channels to operate legally then you need to be willing to put in that extra tender and care to the guests, maintain cleanliness on the premises and making sure that all the requirements of the guests are met.

The app allows guests to rate your premises as well as service and publicize it. There is also an option which customers can use to review your Airbnb.  

To get your quests to enjoy their stay at your facility , provide them with freebies like wi-fi and be a good host by providing essentials like, toilet paper, soap, clean sheets  and towels.