International dance day initiative was founded by dance committee of the international theatre institute in 1982, partnering with the performing arts of UNESCO. It has been celebrated globally every year on the 29th of April. The intention is to celebrate dance and bring people together with a common language.

Halifele “Mavele” Khoeli, Lesotho’s renowned dancer from Ha-Motloheloa, Maseru has made a name through his astounding dance moves. He is also known for his lively and vibrant personality as master of ceremonies. He is a radio DJ, fitness instructor and Econet Lesotho brand ambassador.

Mavele is a founder of Maseru dance academy (MDA) which has a mission of uplifting dance across the country and prove that one can make a rewarding career out it. Mavele has been working towards changing the narrative that dance triggers irresponsible behavior and leads to practices such as heavy drinking. On that note, he portrays it as a fun way of exercising and shaping the body. He has worked as an entertainer at countless events in the country, as well as; South Africa, Botswana, eSwatini, Namibia and Nigeria, thus representing Lesotho. He has hosted eminent events in the mountain kingdom!