By Bokang Monyane


Living in a world that seems as though from its inception you were never in the picture is quite disheartening. From the streets which are cracked wide open and unsafe, to the work place which is visually oriented; Stables Steps take us through the journey of how he burgeons through the media space as the partially blind radio presenter.

Mohlomi George Tlali popularly known as Stable Steps on radio was born and bred in Maputsoe. This sought after radio presenter went to Sacred Heart Commercial High School. Thereafter, he went to Limkokwing University to study architecture. Unfortunately his studies were cut short when he became partially blind and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa after being hospitalised in a Soweto for a long duration.

“I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and that meant having to start my life afresh, learning how to do things independently and progress in life as a partially blind person”.

After the diagnosis; Stables Steps was granted a scholarship by Limkokwing University to pursue his studies in Botswana. “I decided to divert my art into spoken and written art hence I changed my course to study Broadcasting in Radio and Television”

Despite the challenges he faced in university he still thrived and soared high as he was able to complete and graduate. “It was difficult, I was forced to use a braille in a class full of people using pens, also it wasn’t easy for me navigate the campus and sourcing learning materials by myself”

However this veteran presenter did not allow circumstances deter him from achieving his dreams. Blindness might have felt like rejection to Stables Steps achieving his dreams of being an architect; in hindsight it was a redirection into a whole new world of possibilities and fulfilment. He now spearheads the morning show on Ultimate Radio helping people to start their day on a high note with his fun personality and charisma.

Stable Steps is indeed a true testimony that destiny delayed is not destiny denied as he is now the national treasure doing Radio so effortlessly and seamlessly.

Nonetheless he still faces challenges on a daily basis “I’ve been ran-over by cars a couple of times, also you find that in queues people ignore and skip me instead of helping,“ indicated Stables.

On the flip side; Stable Steps can also add host, MC, producer, writer and compiler to his resume and these are some of the things he does.

Leaving some nuggets of wisdom to the Youth; Stables Steps urges the youth to love and embrace themselves all while pursuing their dreams.

“Since the beginning of time, you have always had everything within you to achieve whatever it is you want, it is unfortunately that the world has convinced you otherwise,” said stables.