By Moipone Lets’osa

Maseru – Basotho youth’s commitment to dog breeding seems to be an unemployment break through.

 Wave Kennels is a business that produces and sells various breeds of dogs. A local  dog breeder, seller and caretaker  Max Seqhobane, aged 30  said it takes someone with a big heart and passion to raise dogs, as breeding is time consuming. Max explained that his love and ambition for dogs started at a tender age. He shared that he mostly specialises with the followings breeds; pit-bull dogs which he sells for a price of M3500.00 a puppy, Maltese at a price of M4000.00 a puppy, Huskies for a price of M5000.00 a puppy and Rottweiler for M6000.00 a puppy.  

He does not consider raising dogs a thread to his community because he has gained extensive experience over the years, learned their behaviour and how to manage them. He further expressed that one chooses how their dog behaves through training and habits they give to their dogs, however, naturally breeds like pit-bulls are highly sensitive to attack hence they end up being a thread to society and the communities we live in.

He shared that he started his business in 2020 after realising a need for security by multiple households and livestock farmers. It became aparent that urban residents preferred dogs over security guards and this is because dogs are deemed to be loyal and a man’s best friend.

When asked about the kind of care he provides for his puppies from birth, he mentioned that vaccines play a vital role on the health of the puppies. He normally takes his puppies to Lesotho Agricultural College for vaccination six weeks after birth, for their regular vaccines. Regular vaccines help in the growth of dogs and provide immunity against various diseases. After every four months, he vaccinates them for rabies and another monthly vaccines.

He expressed that there is no specific training he provides to his dogs but they strictly listens to what he says and obey. Moreover he mentioned that breeds like pit bulls require regular walks to get acquainted to humans. He indicated that he does not chain his pit bulls as there is no need to do so. They have become so accustom to people so much that they are no longer a threat to them unless provoked.  Seqhobane indicated that he feeds his dogs Montego, cooked meat as well as raw meat as a snack every once in a while because it is good for their health. He alerted that raw meat is one of the reasons why pit bulls become wild. He further stated that the challenges he faced at the beginning  of his venture were of his puppies constantly getting sick and some even dying, but he held on and continued to find a way to overcome the challenge.