By Motlakamang Mohlokoane


Congratulations are in order for those who are newly elected as National Governing Council (NGC) by MISA Lesotho, more especially for Mr. Kananelo Boloetse as he is the chairperson of the NGC.

“It is an honour to be the chairperson of MISA Lesotho. I feel dignified to have been elected to lead MISA Lesotho. It’s a great privilege indeed.” Mr. Boloetse expressed his gratitude.

MISA Lesotho held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 31st March 2023 at Happy Villa, Maseru. That was when the new NGC was elected by MISA Lesotho. Mr. Kananelo Boloetse was elected as the Chairperson, Mrs.Celinah Leteketa as Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Palo Mohlotsane as Secretary General, Mrs.Matiisetso Mosala as Deputy Secretary General and Mr. Nkheli Liphoto as the Treasurer, Mr. Lekahanya Mpesi and Mrs. Majirata Latela are members of NGC. 

Mr. Boloetse stated that his first priority is to transform MISA Lesotho. He proclaimed that MISA Lesotho is old and needs to be metamorphosed, which is what he and his team intend on doing .NGC is the process of reforms. Members of MISA Lesotho should rest assured that NGC is going to fight for media reforms. . “First of all, I want to ensure that MISA Lesotho has a new constitution. I have already communicated this with the team and we are in agreement.

We also want to raise awareness on the fundamental human rights such as right to freedom of expression and access to information.

We also need to confront the challenges that inhibit Lesotho’s media sector from reaching its full potential,” Boloetse stipulated.

The New NGC is going to introduce a National press club, which will meet on a monthly, where they will invite leaders of state so that journalists can ask questions about anything and everything. In an environment which is open and flexible.

“Our plan is to work with all media workers in Lesotho to ensure that they have their own union. Something like media workers union of Lesotho.

MISA is an advocacy body and cannot perform functions of a union,” Stated Boloetse.

Sharing his vision for MISA Lesotho, Mr. Boloetse said he wants young people to be the ones running MISA in the future.

“This is my last term. Members of MISA should know that I am not going to be with them for a long time. Majority of journalists are youngsters born in 2000 or after. Therefore, I want young people to run MISA.” He said.

“We will work to promote excellence in journalism through fighting for media freedom, support the media to work without fear of reprisal, harassment or intimidation. Also, it is important that members of MISA Lesotho exercise discipline and exemplary behaviour at all times by maintaining harmonious relations with each other and the community in general. ”

MISA Lesotho depends on donations for survival and Mr. Boloetse promised to get as much funding as possible to make sure that the organization stays afloat.