By Mamokone Machabe

It is estimated that at least 43% of deaths worldwide or approximately 8 million deaths each year are attributable to mental disorders.

Research shows that peer pressure , drugs , unemployment and abuse are  amongst the top multiple factors that can affect a person ‘s mental health.

After this realization Mr Lekhetho Khama together with his wife Mrs ‘Matebobo Khama  came up with Tsa’ne Foundation in December 2021 , which is a non profit organization that improves the lives of those who are living with mental health related issues , like anxiety , depression and drug addiction.

“The name “TS’ANE” derives from mohloa oa Ts’ane ,a strong type of grass we have in the country. The behaviour of this grass is that during storms and floods it lies flat covered in mud, one would be sure the grass is dead. When the storm passes over, it rises up high stronger than ever. That’s what the foundation is all about, we help others to pass through their storms with the right armours, right weapons, tools,support motivation and all needed, to be able to rise again stronger than ever. “ revealed  Khama

As a survivor of depression and anxiety himself ,Khama said it was through the right support, medication and his faith in God that he was able to rise up.

The Foundation offers peer to peer support group. “Tsa’ne, adheres that depression and anxiety disorders – panic, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, OCD, are real, serious and treatable/managable illnesses. “ explained Khama

“We have been working with over 40 young people suffering from depression and anxiety.  Someone you find that they are into drugs,  some domestic violence victims and so on.  We work in hand with professional councillors who assist us where need be.  we have successfully refered more than 10 patients to Mohlomi Mental Hospital where they received proper assessment and medication.  “

Informative Newspaper had an interview with one of the Beneficiaries of Tsa’ne Foundation , Mr Lebohang Ponoane and this is what he had to sa

“ After I resigned from work, I started  my ICT business, then Covid 19 hit the world and my business did not make it. My family and I could not afford,  there was no money for rent, we had no choice but to seek a smaller, cheaper space and adapt. My relationship with my partner was on the rocks , I basically lost everything.”

Lebohang continues “ I sold everything i owned,my cars, furniture, just to keep afloat, fast forward I resorted to drugs and alcohol. I became depressed, even though I was not aware I was , I had anxiety. My wife then linked me with Tsa’ne Foundation through Mme Khama , she knew her from Facebook. I was offered counseling, then  taken to Mohlomi Mental institution, where I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar and many other mental disorders.The hospital offered me treatment and medication. Ntate khama and his wife really helped me a lot , they changed my life , I’m now completely off drugs and I’m back on my feet again, still adhering to my medication .”Concluded Ponoane

Ts’ane Foundation does not provide psychiatric, psychological or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. They link their clients with Mohlomi Mental Hospital, other certified Professional Psychologists and Professional Counsellors.

The Foundation’s focus is mainly on youth(18-35), because it came to their attention that they are the ones who are affected by unemployment,  peer pressure,  domestic violence, alcohol abuse and drug abuse.