By Moipone Lets’osa

MISA Lesotho in collaboration with UNESCO held a breakfast meeting and training session for journalists at Lancers Inn hotel in Maseru. The aim was to equip journalists on how to protect themselves from cyber bullying, threats and crimes from the media.

Computer crime and cyber-crime has become a challenges which journalists face on a daily. Journalists are scrutinised for having access to unauthorised/unofficial/false information which they obtain on the internet then make use of/publish before verifying. This puts them at risk because they may face possible conviction, fines or even law suits. The safety and security of journalists on digital platforms is alarming. Cyber security is there to protect the state/companies from cyber-attacks and deny access to unauthorized personnel.

The state has introduced digital surveillance to facilitate free expression of views. State securities have new technologies equipping them to exercise surveillance on the media. They also have huge budgets allocated to them to practise online surveillance. Governments use surveillance measures to restrict and control the right of freedom.

Mr Lekhetho Ntsukunyane the National Director for MISA Lesotho advised journalists to align and familiarize themselves with policies and guidelines of media at all times, to reduce the rate of journalists’ threats from the media. Every journalist has an obligation to always be ethical and accurate. MISA Lesotho made a pledge to media houses work together for the sake of transparency while following proper channels when doing so. They will also be offering trainings and workshops on a regular throughout the country