The journey of Vodacom Financial Services in enabling RSL and other customers with telephonic communication services has spanned over a decade. Our relationship has spread from telephonic services, to internet services and now E-payments.

The E-payments journey isn’t new as a couple of months ago we had convened together launching the ability for RSL to pay Basotho via m-pesa on their tax returns. We are glad to have partnered again with then to facilitate then in enabling customers to pay their tax obligation online.

We are partners of Basotho on a consumer level to all types of businesses. Through our products as businesses you are able to pay salaries via m-pesa, able to transact from your customers via debit orders, and we have enabled over a million Basotho to transact seamlessly.

Moreover we would like to laude RSL for this remarkable milestone of enabling Basotho to participate in the E-payments environment and we are proud therefore to be their partners

“The future lies in integration and automation.”

The new systems will enable clients to view their tax returns which were previously unfiled by utilizing the E-taxation platform which will also allow them to amend their returns at the comfort of their own homes or offices in a convenient way.

The E- payment will allow clients to view balances for different text types and also elect text types of interest if they wish to make a purchase, it also updates the client’s ledger in real-time which is very convenient. The RSL proclaimed themselves innovators and said the technologies would revolutionize taxation in the country.

As with the convenience brought about by the internet, the banking sector for example with transactions which used to involve people waiting in a queue for hours now available with a few clicks on our phones. In this modern age customers expect a level of service, providing instant online access to information and services.

Tax authorities around the world are implementing service portals that allow tax payers to conduct their tax affairs with the click of a button. We are therefore here to launch an online tax portal that brings the power of the internet for the convenience of tax affairs.

We have enabled PAYE pay as you earn and VAT value added tax, two of the most important tax types but we soon will be expanding to other types providing greater integration and convenience with payments and other transactions. The future lies in integration and automation.

The new system represents a significant leap forward and greater flexibility for Lesotho’s tax-payer community. It took constant collaboration between C2D services and Revenue Services Lesotho to achieve this feat; it is a credit to the project team who worked closely together to develop the solution we have today.

RSL clients can now pay their bills via M-Pesa a service integration by VCL Financial Services.