By Thoboloko Ntšonyane

MASERU – The Prime Minister Sam Matekane’s Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) despite being a new kid in a political block, took many voters by storm and won many constituencies short of four from getting a majority victory to govern solely.

These elections ushered the 11th parliament that had introduced the new faces to the august house.

One such new face is Hon. Voeswa Tsheka of Thuathe No.26 said she has plans to change her constituency that will change its fortunes. She promised to push for many changes in her constituency.

The businesswomen cum politician, Hon. Tsheka has claimed her space as one of the 10women in her RFP party who made it to the parliament and is among 31 women MPs (Members of Parliament).

She said despite that Thuathe constituency is sitting at the near proximity to the capital city but in terms of services, it lags behind.

Thuathe No. 26 MP said she will work to see that there is power in her constituency and that there is provision of portable water.

She further promised to see to it that there are well maintained roads connecting the villages in her that Berea based constituency.

The 39 years MP said she wants the firms to be constructed in her constituency, a move which she said will create employment for the people of the areas she serves. She said if the factories are near the people, big chunk of their money will not have to cover daily transport to Thetsane and Industrial Area factories.

“They can expect many things, but I will start to advocate for this now,” she said.

Asked how her journey was towards elections campaign, she said it was “hectic” since she is not a politician but said she joined as she believes in the leadership of the Prime Minister Matekane.

Hon. Tsheka recalled that the journey was “difficult” adding that, Thuathe is one of the Democratic Congress (DC) strongholds and had she lost, the latter would have claimed it.

“We all know that Lesotho was collapsing, it needed people who love it,” she said.