Business owner

A broiler business owner in Naleli Maseru, Mrs. Makamohelo Mapesela said in the past 100 days of the new government they were expecting high support from the government especially now that the prime-minister is a business person. She said there was hope at the beginning but they are starting to lose it as there is no progress or at least a speech that gives hope. Mapesela although nothing is promising, they are still waiting patiently as bisiness owners for help.

Mr. Lesia Lesia, who is a street vendor in Naleli Maseru, said he hates himself for electing with hope that with the new government things will change for the better. He said he is wiiling to have a bigger business because with the vegetables and fruits he is delling now, he only manages to buy daily maize meal. He said he hoped the government would at least meet him and other trying people like him half way.

Employed worker

Mrs. Malebohang Nkhahle, the court president at Sehong-hong local court, Thaba-tseka says their area is off the map due to terrible roads which they had expected the new government to construct. Mrs Nkhahle further said they expected the new government to help with office needs like stationary, gas, coals and wood as they work in the highlands where the temperatures are most of the time low. She says they were most importantly expecting an increase in salaries which the past governments have failed to do.

Mrs Makhauhelo Tsolo, who is a cleaner at Local government says it will be better if the country gets ruled by the King of Lesotho since this government is no different from former ones. She says there are no cleaning materials which enables her to do her work properly. She further said there is no hope for salary increase because those in charge keep saying the government does not have money, instead people keep getting expelled from work day in and day out.

Tertiary students

Miss Limpho Rantletse, a student at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Lesotho, says they expected the government to allow students to further their studies even when they have not paid the 50% of bursaries. She said stundents were also expecting the government to increase their allowances to M2000.00 as groceries are expensive and rend have been increased to horrible prices. Rantletse says up to this far, the government has not said a word about their worries.

Boithatelo Maribe who is pursuing diploma at Scott College of Nursing says they were expecting to be given food allowance like other students of institutions of higher learning because they also have needs like buying laptops, books and other stationary. The government has unfortunately haven’t considered their cry.