By Mamokone Machabe


Masianokeng is a modern convenience neighborhood shopping center. It is situated in the suburbs of Masianokeng known as Motheo II right between Ha ‘Nelese and Masianokeng High School. The 4650 square meters retail center is strategically located along the main South 1 road which links the Maseru City to Roma, Morija, Moshoeshoe II International Airport and other southern districts.

The construction of the Mall was owned by a consortium of Basotho business with its construction valued at Maluti 45 million. During its construction phase many Basotho people got jobs. Even to date the centre is continues to create employment thus providing bread to scores of people. It is undeniably a notable contributor to the development of economy and the local community. The shopping mall opening its doors in August 2021.

The main attraction and primary of all tenants at the shopping mall is grocery retailer, Pick N Pay, comprising 1600 square meters. In Lesotho there are only two of these retailers. The mall’s second largest tenant is hardware provider Cash Build. New, old or aspiring home owners can get a luxurious shopping experience in this 1200 square meter shop. The center houses Pep store where one can find more convenient clothing or home ware items for less and two telecommunications service providers, Econet Telecom Lesotho and Vodacom Lesotho. Alliance Insurance Company has also recently opened its branch offering closer services.

The retail center also balances with some fast food restaurants with “sit down” option such as KFC, Pizza Perfect and Café Expresso.  Masianokeng Lifestyle Centre is said to be more than just a shopping mall housing businesses, it is designed to be a place where patrons can visit and have fun.

The shopping center also offers people an

The shopping center is located along the road of the main South 1 road.  For this reason it is easily accessible on foot by nearby residents, who enjoy the opportunity to shop at their own pace not far from their homes, at the same time avoiding traffic and hassles of shopping in Maseru town. Travelers on the other hand can use both local and long distance public transport at their convenience.

Unemployment is one of the major problems that were solved by the commencement of the shopping center, at its construction phase about 120 people were employed, and since its operation, stores like Pick N Pay Lesotho are said to have employed about 90 employees from the surrounding areas.

There is also Lesotho Mounted Police Services office there at Masianokeng Lifestyle Centre right behind the parking area, meaning people from areas like Ha Abia or Ha ‘Nelese no longer have to travel to Flight one police station to get services like police affidavits, police clearances, and also to certify their copies. And also the presence of the police officers there within the premises of the shopping mall brings some sense of safety to customers, they are able to shop freely without worrying about their safety and their cars being stolen while shopping.