Strategic Partnerships and Bilateral Agreements Between South Korea & Lesotho Crucial
to country’s Economic Development Efforts

During a recent tour to Lesotho, the South Korean delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Do-Hun Lee, which comprised of the Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Electronics Africa, Mr. Bumsuk Hong, amongst others, extended an invitation to the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Mr. Samuel Ntsokoane Matekane, to attend the Korea African Summit, in South Korea in 2024.

Mr Lee’s visit to the region, further strengthened –diplomatic relations between the two nations with economic cooperation being a primary focus. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations in Lesotho, Mr. Lejone Mpotjoane, the objective of the meeting was to seek -– Lesotho’s support for South Korea’s bid for the staging of the World Expo 2030 in Busan. The Busan World Expo 2030 would run from 01 May 2030 to the end of October 2030 should South Korea be successful in their bid.

The Busan World 2030 Expo focuses on creating a better future for all humankind and therefore fits perfectly into both government’s aspirations. Samsung Electronics’ vision has always been the upliftment of humanity through technology and innovation. Supporting this strategic partnership and the bid for the World Expo to be hosted in Busan, during the 2030 edition, would not only assist in strengthening the two countries’ bilateral agreement but also contribute in the development of Lesotho’s economy.

An equally important agenda item, was South Korea’s pledge to support the development of the Moshoeshoe International Airport and offer guidance and expertise within the Agricultural production sector. This South Korea pledge follows an earlier investment by Samsung though its CSR programs.

In December 2022, Samsung launched the Samsung Innovation Campus with Lerotholi Polytechic, an IT education programme designed to provide opportunities to deserving and previously disadvantaged youth to gain skills in coding, programming, artificial intelligence and the internet. Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Africa, Mr. Hong, is extremely passionate about the programme given the educational themes that combine future core technology capabilities with soft skills that are essential for job creation

Samsung strongly believes that Lesotho has an opportunity to further drive local developmental efforts leveraging World Expo. It is the perfect platform to share technological advancements and act as a catalyst for eco-friendly innovations and a greener future for all, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of a global community, Samsung believes that these ongoing collaborations between these great nations, coupled by its empowerment initiatives, are designed to make a significant difference to all people.