By Mariki Mohale


A 25 year old Katleho Ntobo from Khubetsoana has written a book titled Secretes of a recovering addict. The book that is yet to be launched uncovers the steps and principles of recovering from addiction.

In an exclusive interview with Arts&Lifestyle, Ntobo revealed that having abused several drugs and alcohol the book has steps and principles that have worked for him. Also, the book documents real life stories of people who recovered from different addictions. The recovering addict added that writing this book was not really difficult as he journals daily.

Although writing the book was easy, procrastination got in his way. Ntobo added that procrastination was the only challenge he came across, however, he managed to defeat it.

“It was my first time writing a book, therefore I used to ask myself if I was doing the right thing. Then remembered where my interests are and my passion for helping people,” revealed Ntobo.

When it come to lessons that he takes from his addiction, he depicts that he had to go a process. Adding that if he never became an addict people would not have known about the information contained in the book. “In life people have to go through a rocky path in order to succeed. ‘Never quit’,” he advised. Ntobbo further noted that he tried to quit alcohol and drugs for a long time but would relapse often times.

This book was published on November 30th and it is well received by people. The first time writer has expressed an awe over the approval and the need for more publications to address the issue which seems to be a struggle for many.  

For the first 100 copies will be sold for M150.00 but after the launch, which will soon be announced, it will cost M200.00. It will be available in most book centers in the county. It will also be accessible online and from sales agents once it is launched.

Going forward, Ntobo hopes to keep on writing more books. “It might be my first book but this definitely not the last”, said Ntobo.