Metropolitan launches soccer supporter’s funeral scheme

By ‘Mamohaila Rampo

MASERU – With the aim of professionalizing Lesotho Football, On Friday Metropolitan launched supporters ‘s funeral scheme, where premium starts from as little as M25.00 per month, with every M5.00 going toward the teams.

The initiative was proposed by four local teams and implemented by Metropolitan Lesotho. Head of life Policy at Metropolitan, Seenyane Nthejane announced that their agreement with the soccer teams is backed up by a funeral scheme that will be named after all the four teams which is Liphakoe FC funeral Scheme, Manonyane FC funeral Scheme, Lijabatho FC funeral scheme and lastly Swallows FC funeral scheme.

Nthejane said they are happy to see the launch of this project after talking about it for a very long time. The idea is finally being brought to life. He added that as metropolitan they challenged the teams and edged the supporters to take thus opportunity to take part in benefiting and growing their teams.

Nthejane further asserted that every policy that will be sold under a team’s name, the team benefits M5.00 out of the policy. Explaining how the process will take place, He said the four teams will all have an office that will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of the policy, the relevant teams will have to choose and select unemployed supporters, who will assist in the distribution and marketing of the product. It was said that the other objective of this innitiative is to fight Unemployment.

The soccer teams will no longer survive from just gate takings but also from the funeral scheme as well. Nthejane stated that they have also drawn a contract for the soccer kit sponsorship programme. Metropolitan will sponsor the teams with a soccer kit for three years and the money for the kit will increase annually because they believe that market sales of the kit will increase as years go by. M50 000.00 for the first year, M65 000.00 in the second year and M75 000.00 will be provided in the third year. After the three years, the contract will be reviewed.

Swallows FC Brand and Business Manager, Atang Tlopo said they are very grateful with this initiative because sometimes players just play soccer as a hobby, without getting anything in return, so they really need such support in all ways possible.