Signal tower launched at Ha Ntina

By ‘Mamohaila Rampo


A new telecommunications tower was launched at Ha Ntina in the Mosalemane constituency on Wednesday.

This was to ensure proper elevation to antennas that receive and transmit radio-frequency signals from cell phones and other digital devices in that region.

The tower was constructed by the government of Lesotho, the Universal Service Fund (USF) and Econet Telecom Lesotho (ETL) with the intention of broadening the telecommunications network in the rural areas of Lesotho.

The Minister of Communications, Science and Technology Hon. Tsoinyane Rapapa stated that this tower marks the end of the Ntina community’s wail. He said now the elderly people can access mobile money services without travelling long distances to do so.  He said it is all about saving time, money and energy which can all be then redirected to other productive areas. Rapapa said now students can do their research on the internet with ease, he also promised that soon the community will be electrified.

USF Executive Secretary Soko Thabisi said this tower costs over M3 million, he stated that they are working hard to push the mandate of the USF, which is to ensure that all citizens in the country have access to voice telephony services and access to internet. He said their other aim is to expand network and internet connections country wide to simplify Basotho communication. Thabisi also edged people of Ha Ntina to protect the tower and report any perpetrators that destroy it.

ETL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dennies Plaatjies said through this tower, crimes that include money theft will reduce because people will shift to mobile money. On the commercial side, Plaatjies said through local business, the community of Ha Ntina can also be part of the affordable funeral cover, Ecosure which includes a wide range of benefits for them and their families.