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Coco Cabana exceeds expectations

Some of the revellers at Coco Cabana

2 Some of the revellers at Coco Cabana

Maseru- It really becomes a good feeling to know or rather see people supporting each other in whatever they do and, as saying goes, “United we stand divided we fall”.

This was seen on Saturday when Omai and Out of the Box showcased the 4th Coco Cabana event at Phomolo Guest House in Ha-Matala which solely aims to socialize, support and unite Basotho while they do business.

Coco Cabana which was initiated in December last year, is a food market event where people pay for stalls to sell food or drinks. Usually six or eight stalls are provided and this time they had eight stalls. The event was open for everyone who was interested in socialising and having a good time.

According to the organizers, the idea came about when they realized that there are not many events that happen during the day in Lesotho, so they thought…why not? 

“Most of the events occur at night and in this way we are not able to really socialize because we do not really get to see each other. So during the day it’s different”, said one of the organizers Dindi Bethela.

Bethela revealed that it has so far been great in terms of support since its commencement.

“We are really happy with the support that we get from Basotho each time we do the event. In this way the nation grows united and if we are united then our country can go somewhere”, she said.

Asked on why they only empower food sellers only, Bethela said she believes that other businesses mentioning crafters for one, have enough platforms to showcase what they do.

“I think Nala and Maseru market are already doing the good job for them, therefore this one has to be different,” she said.

People were seen in numbers at this event as they danced and cheered to the loud music that was being played. They did this as they enjoyed the good food, alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

Meanwhile, Malinkeng Mputlane a cook who was selling food explained that the Coco Cabana really helps her with sales. She went on to disclose that this was her third time taking part through selling food at the event.

“When I first started, only two people were selling food and I sold all my food. The second time did not go too well because much food was left over but right now I think I’m going to sell all that I have,” said Mputlane.

Business at the event was so good such that Mputlane advices all those who wish to make alternative business to join the Cabana community.

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