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Cash injection grows motoho business

2 Samples of school shoes and bags given to the children at Matholeng Safe House

Maseru-Following her win of M10 000 from MMI Holdings for her outstanding community building initiatives, ‘Maliako Koatja injected the money back into the Matholeng Safe House’s motoho business.

Koatja, who is an employee at Metropolitan Lesotho, won the Lesedi Community Volunteer Award following the MMI Client Service team call for nominations to be made of individuals within the MMI family who are touching and changing lives in communities within which they live.

She believes that investing in the safe house’s business facilitates for a steady income and is sustainable because the money earned will be used to put bread on the table and provide for her family’s needs.

“We could have easily bought food but we wanted something that would carry them longer since they do not have any other source of income,” Koatja stated.

Matholeng Safe House Volunteers engage in projects that act as a source of income to keep the house running such as producing home-made organic soaps and juice. At first the projects were unsuccessful due to lack of funding for their sustenance.

With this cash injection however, Koatja says she hopes that because Motoho ingredients are much cheaper that the products will make enough profit after sales to resuscitate the business.

Aside from the investment, Koatja also handed over school uniforms, which included t-shirts, socks, shoes, jerseys, ties, trousers and school bags to 12 vulnerable children. The ceremony was held in Mafeteng at Matholeng Safe House.

Explaining how she got into community building, Koatja stated that because MMI Holdings is their parent company based in South Africa, they would often get emails asking for donations on occasions such as Mandela Day. Although she explained that they were not necessarily directed to them in Lesotho, she took from that the context of how they could also get involved and contribute to bettering children’s lives.

“I engaged 7 of my colleagues and together we contributed M50.00 monthly to buy the children at the home cosmetics and sanitary towels as well as assist with any need that might have been there.”

To find a suitable deserving home to help out at, Koatja says they engaged the Ministry of Social Development who narrowed down the homes to Mafeteng where they are based, citing that of all homes, Matholeng was most desperately in need of funding as it did not have any other sources of income.

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