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Maluti Sky shuts down

2 Maluti Sky plane

Maseru-Contrary to the rapid growth of tourism and investments in Lesotho in the 2015/16 financial year and with air transportation becoming one of the most needed modes of travel with a foreseeable contribution to the country’s economic growth, Maluti Sky has had to shut doors.

After just one year of operations, Maluti Sky has decided to cease operating the scheduled flights between Maseru and Johannesburg as from the 1st May 2017. The management reason that the closure is due to what they cite as “the market not being ready for a second carrier to operate in the country”.

A press statement released by the Matekane Group of Companies (MGC) Aviation and Maluti Sky Management states that the closure was incited by having operated for one year and notwithstanding the company’s aspiration to establish a national, pride-of-the-nation airline.

The airline will operate until April 30 which will be the last day of operations on the Maseru - Johannesburg route. According to the management, MGC Aviation will continue to avail charter services by aircraft and helicopter to any domestic or regional destination to the market.

Maluti Sky prides itself in what they describe an exciting adventure for a full year and heartily extends their appreciation to all Basotho and clients in the corporate and international institutions for the support.

The airline further indicates that they hope for the continued support during this month until when they finally close doors in May. For the charter services, MGC Aviation seeks support for these offerings.

This proudly Basotho airline brought exclusive services that facilitated glamour back to flying with a welcome to the beautiful Kingdom of Lesotho. It was to pioneer unrivalled home-grown solutions and build outstanding teams to offer world class services and be a corporate and social citizen of note.

Maluti Sky was introduced with the realization of the need to offer services to the general public and the need for local private sector participation and growth in the industry, hence the diversified of interest. Maluti Sky through the two divisions’ offered scheduled and charter services and was the only Aircraft Operating Company certified by the Lesotho Department of Civil Aviation (LDCA) to provide scheduled service and charters of any kind for both fixed wing aircraft larger than 19 passengers and helicopters.

In order to fulfil the increasing demands for air transportation, Maluti Sky officially opened its doors, making both the nation and its shareholders proud by operating the Kingdom’s first privately owned commercial airline with domestic and regional charter services. 

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