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Roof over granny’s head – at last

Makabelo Motseko

ROMA – An 85 year-old elderly woman, ‘Makabelo Motseko recently received a two-roomed house from Habitat for Humanity Lesotho in collaboration with a group of volunteers from the Netherlands.

The team volunteers helped in building the house from the foundation right up to the roofing stage in less than a week. The house was handed over to ‘Makabelo’s family at an emotional event last week Friday.

Speaking at the event, ‘Makabelo said she was very thankful to the group of volunteers for having built her and her grandchildren a beautiful home. She said they would at last sleep peacefully like a normal family.

“I had to wake the kids up in the middle of the night to get them away from a leaking point in the house,” she added.

National Director of Habitat for Humanity Lesotho, ‘Malijane Lijane said the journey taken by the grandmother and her grandsons had been a blessing because they knew that they were giving them hope and courage to face another day.

Leader of the volunteering team, Marco Vock, pointed out that the aim of the event on the day was to celebrate a week of building a home for vulnerable people. Even though they had some challenges, he added, that they will definitely built anther house in the future.

Before Habitat for Humanity Lesotho built them a house, Motseko family lived in a dilapidated rondavel built with stones and mud, roofed with thatch. The house was poorly ventilated due to lack of windows. The family was constantly worried during rainy seasons due to leakage in the roof.

According to ‘Makabelo the boys’ mother, ‘Mamokete, passed away in June 2016 due to an HIV-related illness. She was never married before she passed on and had been working  in South Africa as a domestic worker but due to ill-health, she came back home and worked in Maseru, still as a domestic worker.

She was a family’s breadwinner and now ‘Makabelo, has to take care of the children. The two boys attend free primary education and are in grades 1 and 4. The family depends on ‘Makabelo’s old-age pension, provided by the Government of Lesotho.

Habitat for Humanity Lesotho is a non-governmental  organisaton aimed at providing shelter to vulnerable groups by building simple, decent and affordable houses in addition to raising awareness about housing, property ownership and inheritance rights.

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ROMA – An 85 year-old elderly woman, ‘Makabelo Motseko recently received a two-roomed ho...


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